iPage SiteLock Pricing And Details


Keeping your site secure does not just involve active monitoring of the site’s activities and transactions. It also means preventing possible attacks and warding them off as they happen. Not all attacks to your system are caused by viruses installed into a particular machine. Some of them are live attempts to get actual information that may be of interest to the hacker – things like credit card numbers, full names and mailing addresses can be used for identity fraud and rack up thousands of dollars of damage.

You surely do not want to associate your site with hacking attempts. This is particularly true for sites that process delicate information like banking records, stock numbers and credible information such as traffic updates, government sites and the like.


If you are thinking of getting a security suite for your site, you may want to review SiteLock by iPage.

SiteLock is already included in every basic iPage hosting account. This usually costs $100 per installation but with your iPage hosting package, it comes for free. But for those who want premium security benefits, you can buy the SiteLock Plus. SiteLock Plus includes:

icon-malwareMonitoring tool for malwares and spam filters. You just don’t get these filters – you can actually see if it has caught any attacks and how they were addressed.

icon--shieldSiteLock badge to prove to your users that your site is indeed protected. Security badges gives the user added confidence that your site is doing what it can to protect the data and identity of your valued customers.

icon-eyeAdditional SQL injection. This is a script that runs through your site’s codes, checking if there were any inserted data that should not be there, a classic sign that someone is trying to hack into your service.

SiteLock Plus will cost you a bit over a dollar per month or a total of $12.95 per year. That is a very reasonable cost for the added benefits that it will give your site. It is just like your gourmet coffee in the morning with a croissant.


Regular SiteLock is included in your less than $2 per month package with iPage. Usually other customers would pay at least $100 for a security suite but for iPage customers, this is already included in your hosting package.

If you want to get the SiteLock plus, this will just be an additional $12.95 per month. So if you get them together with your iPage shared hosting package, this amounts to less than $4 per month, still very affordasble compared to other web hosting packages out there.

You need SiteLock with your iPage because:

checkIt helps prevent and address attacks to your site
checkHelps maintain the integrity of your data
checkHelps assure your customers that your site is secure, especially if you are accepting payments for products


If you don’t get iPage, the most harmless thing you can get is just lots and lots of spam mails in your inbox. This is not just in your Inbox but any email address that is hosted in your iPage account. For example, your [email protected] or [email protected]

At worst, your site can be hacked, credit card numbers and identity of your customers may be compromised and unsafe data may be inserted into your database.

Apart from a safer site and a more manageable security suite, here are some of the key benefits when going with iPage:

checkUnlimited bandwidth, email accounts and data storage
checkAnytime money back guarantee
checkHosted by 100% green energy
checkFree marketing credits from Google, Facebook, Bing and Yahoo
checkFree listing at the Yellow Pages

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