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Earth-Security-iconNowadays, most of us would have at one point in our lives left personal information when signing up to websites. Social Networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn even show these information to the whole world – with out consent, or course. While information on social networking website are usually “safe” for public consumption, some information such as credit card numbers and bank account numbers are better left in private. However, we may need to share these sensitive information when doing online purchases. Websites such as Paypal and Groupon are examples of site that requires these information. How are sure are we that our information are safe?

iPage and SiteLock title

Protect-iconiPage is one of the most popular webhosting site in the industry today. It does not only serve as webhost provider to upcoming bloggers, it also caters to business owners and corporate website. These companies usually has databases containing sensitive information of their client and the company itself. Because of this, iPage puts great focus on incuding a high level of security in their services. For this, iPage has tapped internet security company SiteLock. Including SiteLock’s malware and spam-scaning software as a free value added service to its bundle, iPage ensures that each website they host have a safe environment.

sitelock-logoIf as a webmaster you have maintained strict implementation of security with SiteLock, they will award you with “badges”. This is confidence boost and a reminder that SiteLock security works, plus end-users also known as your company’s client will feel assured that security in your website is very reliable.

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click on worldEveryone is now searchable on the internet. And with proper training and patience in research, anyone can find pertinent information about anyone with just a click of the mouse. Because of this easy accessibility, many end-users of online communities and companies may be compromised.

sitelock on ipageRest assured, websites hosted by iPage have a very low risk of information hacking compared to other non-iPage hosted company websites. This is because one you sign up to an iPage webhosting site, your account is automatically integrated to SiteLock’s security features.

security_guardSiteLock is a reputable internet security company. Having then as your website “bodyguard” plus iPage reliable support system is a great assurance for your company. Plus having SiteLock’s badge of premium security on your website is a confidence boost for your end-users. It ensures your client that online transaction on your website is safe and secured.

Having a tight security and reliable web host translates to higher traffic for your domain and higher revenue for your company.


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Other company offer security systems as an add-on feature. This means that you need to pay extra to avail of their security services. iPage’s free SiteLock security bundle makes it the most sensible and valuable webhosting package on offer today.




what is sitelock

Availing SiteLock Security gives you in depth security features and more:

    • Search engine blacklist monitoring
    • Spam blacklist monitoring
    • Daily comprehensive security scan
    • Unlimited expert support
    • Compatible with any host environment
    • Priced for small and medium businesses
    • Access to engineers to fix vulnerabilities
    • Tools/Services designed for businesses
    • 360o technology saves site bandwidth
    • customizable security package
    • SiteLock SECURE Badge. An image file or icon that is shown on your website when end-users access your domain. This ensures them that their transactions are safe and secure.
    • SiteLock Spam Check. This ensures that emails sent through your site will not be marked as spam.
    • SiteLock Routine Scan. SiteLock regularly checks your domain’s database for open holes and other vulnerabilitie. It also routinely checks your domain for malware to avoid malicous codes for your end-users.

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