iPage WordPress Setup Guide

wordpress_webtreatsetcSetting up your WordPress blog or site on iPage is really simple – you can do it all in under five minutes.

I will be providing you with a step-by-step guide to walk you through the set up process.

You can click here to open iPage.com in a new tab so you can follow along.



First, you will need to sign-up and create an account on iPage if you don’t already have an account. Currently it’s on sale for $1.99/month (80% off the regular price).


Once you are on the homepage, click on the sign-up button. Provide answers needed such as (if you are creating an account or is you will be using an existing webpage, such as your WordPress). You will then be asked about your particulars and billing details to finish creating your account.

blue 1Logging In

logging-in iPageIf you already have an existing account, simply log on to iPage by clicking the log in button found on the upper right side of the iPage homepage. Provide your username and password.


blue 2WordPress Installation

iPage WordPress installation

Once you are logged in, you will find several command tabs on the upper portion of the webpage. Hover your mouse on the “WEBSITE” tab. A drop down menu will appear. Choose “Wordpress” and click. And that’s it! You will be redirected to WordPress installation page. It’s a no-fuss word-press installation.

blue 3Begin Installation

installing wordpress site

Once you’ve clicked on the WordPress menu under “Website” tab, you will see an overview of the website. Read through it just to be 100% sure. But if you do not have the luxury of the time, scroll down on the bottom page until you see the “Install” button and “Import” button. Click the “Install” button to install a brand new version of WordPress or click the “Import” button to import an existing installation.

blue 4Details, details, details

details details detailsInstallation will start after you have filled up information regarding your website as requested by iPage. Supply the following information on the fields as needed. You will not need to enter anything on the “installation directory”.

blue 5Installed and Ready to Roll!

complete wordpress installationAfter all fields are filled up and all pertinent information are provided, simply click on the “Complete” button and accept the terms and conditions of the GPLv2 license agreement. You will have your WordPress on your iPage in less than a minute. You are now installed and ready to roll!

ipage Videos-iconIf you want a more “visual” instruction on setting up your WordPress on your iPage, you can also look for video guides on the internet. Try looking for it on Youtube or on the iPage training website. You will also be provided with a step-by-step guide by the video host on how to install your WordPress on iPage, complete with videos and screen captures.

ipage plugins iconNow that you have installed your WordPress, you will now want to improve your website.

You can also search for tips and instructions for improving your website. Also, try incorporating plug-ins to your site to make it more interesting and easier to track.

You can also link-in your Facebook or your Twitter account to the site to make it easier for your readers to follow your blog. Good luck and I hope you gain a huge number of followers and visitors with your new website!

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