Is iPage Compatible with Mac?

ipage on mac

If you are running on a Macintosh Operating System (Mac OS), then you know that software compatibility is always an issue. Whether you are installing an application or a game, you will always pose the question, “Is it compatible with Mac? “ When it comes to web hosting, this question has also come up several times. Here, let us try to resolve the question once and for all.

Apple LogoThere goes your answer, and it’s a big yes. This compatibility issue may be viewed in two perspectives: first as a simple site visitor or user, and second as the iPage hosting account owner. And in both perspectives, the answer remains the same. Yes, iPage is compatible with your Mac OS.

As Site Visitor – You are the target audience of the website, the reason why it was made. Website owners need not worry about whether their site hosted on iPage will display or work on a user’s computer running on Mac OS. This is because a website is not OS-specific – meaning they are designed to work on most OS including Mac OS. The problem of compatibility may occur in the web browser, but not in the Operating System used.
As iPage Hosting Account Owner – If you have a Mac OS and is planning on signing up with iPage, you may also ask, “Can I still manage my hosting account on iPage with a Mac OS?”. Well the answer is also yes, you can. You can access the iPage admin control panel, use its DomainCentral, and install applications using SimpleScripts (before it was InstallCentral). You can still manage your website on a Mac OS. The reason is also the same – iPage is not OS-specific. However, there is one aspect of web hosting where compatibility issues may actually arise.

The Exception – Website Builders

website-builder-compatibilityThis is the web hosting aspect that requires OS compatibility – Website Builders. This is because website builders are actually applications. And like all other applications installed on Mac OS, it must also be compatible with it for the application to work. With this, you need to observe certain specifications and system requirements to be able to use these website builders.

iPage’s Website Builders title

ipage website buildersiPage uses two web development tools, namely: Drag & Drop Site Builder and SiteDelux. These tools make it possible for website owners to create and design web pages without learning HTML codes and scripting languages. Site contents can be made with a few clicks on your mouse, that’s why they are called drag & drop builders. They are essential tools for web developers. That is why knowing whether they are compatible with your Operating System is necessary.

WeeblyDrag and Drop Site Builder

weebly on phoneThe Weebly Drag and Drop Site Builder is a web application that is integrated free with all iPagehosting plans. As the name implies, this application allows its users to simply hold, drag, and then drop web elements to their desired place on their website. This tool makes web development fun and easy.

Users need not go through HTML tutorials online and learn a number of programming and scripting languages. Even novices can build their own site without help from anyone. This application can also be upgraded on your iPage account into Premium version. This supports a number of advanced features and allows more complex theme-editing options.

SiteDelux title


This browser-based editor is integrated in mostiPage hosting plans. It is an application that uses a variety of templates and themes to create websites. It works much like the Weebly Drag & Drop Builder and is also easy to use.

System Requirements and Specifications

In order to use these two important web development tools, your system needs to comply with the following requirements and system specifications:

windows logoFor Windows OS users, you will need:

  • Windows 2000 or higher
  • A minimum screen resolution of 800×600.
  • Latest version for your web browser

Apple LogoFor Mac OS users, you need to make sure that:

  • You are running on OSX 10.4 or higher
  • You have the latest version for your web browser

Again, let me emphasize that these specifications are only required for you to use web development tools on your iPage hosting account.iPageitself is compatible with all operating systems.

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