Is iPage Hosting a Green Company?

green earthOne of the most important causes for passionate people is saving the earth. It is not just about reducing our waste or managing our resources, it is about doing something concretely to minimize and prevent further damage to the environment. From switching to biodegradable detergent to using your car less around the city, there are many ways we can help the earth recover, one step at a time.

HeatWaveIcon_Large2Huge web servers that are hosted in data centers emit a gigantic amount of carbon dioxide from the heat of the machines. Remember how your laptop’s internal fan activates when your machine heats up a bit? Imagine that happening for over a thousand machines. And it is not just about carbon dioxide emissions, it is about the amount of energy (electrical) required to run all of these data centers.

So the next time you are thinking about buying a web hosting package, consider getting one that is run by green energy or has green policies to help the earth.

Who is iPage and what do they offer title

3_Col_Features_iconiPage is one of the web hosts out there that run their data centers with 100% green energy. They serve small to big websites using shared hosting services. Unlike dedicated servers or virtual private servers, shared hosting services allow you to really bring down the cost of your web hosting since you are sharing one machine across many different websites.

Not all websites need the entire machine to themselves. Unless you are running an or a huge, private banking site, a shared hosting service can very much do justice to your pages. Examples of sites that are fine with shared hosting services are:

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  • Schools and universities that wish to have online registration and viewing of the courses offered
  • Restaurants that want to run their own blogs or online ordering in a city
  • Fashion blogs that want to be powered by WordPress within their site
  • Gallery of photos or online portfolio for artists, designers and photographers
  • Simple online shopping site that serves a city with updated collections, photos and even a bulletin board
  • Hospital with a doctor’s directory and basic clinic information

iPage offers unlimited storage for each account, along with unlimited data traffic and email accounts. You can easily install WordPress in your iPage account so that you can update your site without much trouble.

Not just carbon offsetting – real, true green hosting title

Icon_AltFuelsCarbon offsetting is the minimizing of carbon emissions from whatever machine you are using. But today, it is not enough that you are just reducing emissions. You really need to make big, drastic changes to your operations in order to contribute significantly to the environment.

iPage does that by powering ALL of their data servers via wind energy. The electricity they use to power their data servers come from wind energy plants, not your typical fossil fuel power plants. This means they are using renewable energy while at the same time, maximizing the use of natural elements as energy sources.

iPage rates and terms title

priceIconiPage packages can be bought for just under $2 a month under their current promotion. Usually this means paying for this rate for the first three months and then moving to the $3 per month range afterwards. This is still way cheaper compared to the other hosting packages you see online plus, you don’t get the guilt because they are a green hosting company.

Websites hosted with iPage – real examples title

If you want to know if iPage is for real, these sites are all powered by iPage and as of this writing, are all live and deployed:

  • Ben Devries Photography
  • Curlz Creative
  • Happy Tribe
  • Fairless Hills Produce

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