Is WebHostingHub Compatible with Mac?

Is WebHostingHub Compatible with Mac

topimgThe emergence of Apple has been a big hit to the business world, with most of their technology being used towards office, study, and business purposes. Especially with the prevalence of the Mac Pro or the iMac systems with heir easy and convenient functionality that has proven over the years to be detrimental in the smooth running of an office environment.

Many small business owners and would be business men will opt for a Mac computer because of everything it entails. But when it comes time to open the all-important website for your business, will your Mac be Compatible?

apple logoWebHositingHub, in order to keep up with all the competition, is compatible with Mac and can be used with the same ease and straight forward site building. The 24/7 service for queries will not be compromised either. Here are some features you can do with WebHostingHub on your Mac.

Using MacMail to set up E-mail

Mac mail can be configured in order to ensure proper hosting with WebHostingHub by following the next few steps.

    • number 1 When you open MacMail on your computer you will see a screen that asks you for your full name, e-mail address, and password. Avoid using your cPanel password for this, instead use your e-mail password.
    • number 1 Next is ensuring that your Mac has the proper information and tools to get mail from the WebHostingHub server.
    • number 1 Set up either a POP or IMAP account type.
    • number 1 Set up a description that you will easily remember and be able to identify. Something like: ‘WebHostingHub’s e-mail’.
    • number 1 Set up incoming mail server.
    • number 1 Set up your username by logging in your e-mail address. Do not use your cPanel log in.
    • number 1 Create a new password for this new e-mail set up.
    • number 1 You will be linked to another screen where you need to type in the same information as the last. Afterwards, make sure you select ‘Use Authentication’ as well as ‘Use only this server’
    • number 1 The last page you will be linked to is an account summary page, check all your information and click on ‘Take Account Online’ and then ‘Create’.

Now that your Mac is properly configured to receive e-mail from the WebHostingHub server, make sure that you then configure it to enable you to save all your sent e-mail.
How can I save my sent e-mail?

    • number 1 On your open MacMail account, click the sent folder on the left of the screen.
    • number 1 Go to the top of your screen and hover over mailbox, this will lead to a list of options, hover over ‘use this mailbox for’ near the bottom which will lead you to another shorter list, click on ‘Sent’. This will now be utilized by MacMail for sent e-mail storage.
    • number 1Setting up an e-mail filter for your account is important too in order to avoid spam or junk mail. On a Mac computer, a filter folder is called a ‘Rule’.

How do I make filters (rules) for MacMail

    • number 1 Click on the preferences option under Mail Menu.
    • number 1 You will see a ‘Rules’ option on the screen, click on it.
    • number 1 You will then see an ‘Add Rule’ option which will link you to an information settings to typein what you need for your Rule. This setting will include information for the following:
    • number 1 What you want to name your new rule. As a description so MacMail knows what to look out for.
    • number 1 Select what your Rule will and will not apply to.
    • number 1 Conditions – this is when you create specific mailboxes for specific things based on your Rule. E.g. if you create a mailbox for WebHostingHub, everything with that name goes into that one particular folder.
    • number 1 Select what you want your rule to do with the filtered e-mails, either move them to another mail box, junk mail, or automatically delete.

Be careful when setting up a filter. When specific information is inputted properly it could make an e-mail account organized and proper but when set up I haste or with the wrong keywords, you might find yourself having to deal with misplaced mail or deleted important messages.

In order to be organized and avoid clutter, know the proper process on creating specific mailboxes for your MacMail account.

How do I make mailboxes folders on MacMail

wordpress questionOn the MacMail Program, there will be a plus sign on the lower left portion, click it and you will be linked to a new window, click on New Mailbox. Select the e-mail address you want to create a new mailbox for and log in the required details.

What if I use an IMAP connection

    • number 1 When new folders are created using an IMAP connection, these may not immediately show on MacMail. Follow these simple steps for e-mail subscription folders:
    • number 1 Go to the accounts setting under preferences on MacMail.
    • number 1Select the e-mail address of choice and click the ‘Advanced’ option.
    • number 1 Select the option to ‘Automatically synchronize changed mailboxes’.
    • number 1 Save changes and restart mac program.

The pairing of Mac as one of the best office and business tools with WebHostingHub as a web host for their website needs will be as easy as if it was any other kind of computer. Computer brand does not compromise the quality and service of WebHostingHub.

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