Is WebHostingHub Hosting A Green Company?

topimgA green company does not simply offset consumption or reduce wastage. They also try to replace whatever is lost or actively help improve the environment. A lot of energy is being spent powering web hosting servers – not just in terms of the electricity that fuels the machines but also the cooling mechanisms to ensure that the machines run perfectly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. This means a lot of heat is being produced just to keep the servers cool. That is definitely not good for the environment.

green globe heart iconWhen you are spending hundreds of dollars on web hosting, you would want to make sure that you are giving your money to a good team, right? You want to be able to help the environment as much as you can and by choosing a green hosting company, you are hitting two goals with one move. So what does it take to be a green hosting company?

is your hosting company pretending to be green

green house iconA web hosting team saying that they are green because they are minimizing their carbon footprint is probably just saying that. Any team can “try to minimize” their carbon footprint. Wishing to consume less energy is already trying.

Look for the specifics – what actions are they taking to make sure that they reduce their waste? Are they partnered with a specific pro-Earth organization? Do they share results of their efforts?

what does it mean to be a green hosting company

There are many ways that a hosting company can help the environment. Some of the more concrete examples (which you should look for in your future partner) are:

    • cooling system Improving the cooling system of the servers so that natural ventilation is maximized, therefore reducing the need to artificially cool the servers.
    • new technology Exploring new technologies to help efficiently stabilize the temperature of the data centers.
    • paper less Reducing paper wastage by minimizing or completely eliminating paper files and instead choosing to do paperless billing.
    • tree icon green Partnering with established tree planting organizations to help improve tree population.
    • garbage trash can green icon Making sure that efficient and safe garbage disposal is in place to minimize environmental damage from industrial waste.

Does your partner hosting team do these things? Make sure that they do at least two before signing up with them.

what else comes with a green hosting package

green globe iconLet’s not forget why we are talking about green hosting. First and foremost, the hosting company must offer robust services for you to even consider if they are a green hosting company. What are the must-haves for a trustworthy hosting team?
    • referral user admin iconReputable service from actual referrals or at least, a good lineup of partner sites
    • competitive icon dollar money iconCompetitive rates given the inclusions of their package
    • server reliable icon hostingReliable servers – meaning, there are no reports of unannounced down times. They can power the requirements of your website plus they are constantly improving their packages to incorporate new tools and services.
    • customer serviceGood and effective tech support team in the mode of availability of choice – voice, text, email or even chat support.
    • features iconExtensive feature list to support your web site direction like shopping carts, PayPal integration, WordPress support, cPanel support etc.

if they dont say they  are green, they aren’t

lightbulb wit h recyclable energy iconCannot find the text that says that your web host is a green host? Chances are, if they are not advertising that they are a green team, then they are not. There are so many web hosts today that offer the same competitive rates and inclusions so it is really best that you go with a team that gives the Earth something extra – a chance to be saved, even if it is not Earth Day.

Web Hosting Hub is a green team that supports local organizations in their tree planting efforts. As of this writing, there are at least 5,000 trees replanted because of the efforts of Web Hosting Hub. They also implement new techniques to help save energy consumption when it comes to cooling their servers.

green tech icon signWhile they try to maintain the good up time record of their web servers, they are also doing a lot of advancements in making sure that their data centers are efficiently cooled in a green manner. As a matter of fact, they are known to have the only data center in Los Angeles doing just that.

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