Protect your Site and your Business With Fatcow Sitelock Security

topimgOne of the problems that a website owner encounters is the security of his website and his business from harms. Sometimes website owners receive spam list, get hack, and personal information are stolen. Viruses also attack and damage the computer system and its program. A sitelock security will protect your website from all these possible damages.

lock icon with informationA recognized sitelock security that will surely make your site and business safe is the Fatcow Sitelock Basic. Fatcow is a company that not only serves web hosting and provides website management but also offers product such as Sitelock Basic which ensures the safety of your site and your business from all these threats.

the benefits of fatcow sitelock basic

virus computer security iconA Sitelock Basic monitors your site from any spam list and protects your site from malware that can damage your computer and can have access to your operation and collect information or can control over your program. It also removes viruses that can disturb the operation of your computer.

It makes your site free from spyware that can detect your personal data and can get information such as passwords and details of your credit cards and send them to another user or computer. The Sitelock Basic also secures your site and business from thefts, fraud, and online scams. It has a Sitelock Verification Certificate and the Basic Business Verification. A Sitelock Certificate can build trust on your site that it can secure the customer’s personal information. Displaying the Sitelock Certificate in your website can make the customers feel safe and secure.

more visitors users in your websiteThis will create good impression in your website and your business. They will comfortably deal about your business when they see the Sitelock Certificate in your website. The Basic Business Verification shows the authenticity of your business that it does exist and it is reliable. It verifies your business. This will attract more customers to visit your website and your business.

what are other features of sitelock basic

sitelock basic computer with virus securityWhen the Sitelock Basic was installed for 90 days, it scans the XSS Scripting, the SQL Injection, and does the App scanning. In XSS Scripting, it checks your website from hackers who attempts access to your computer system and get your personal information or your customers’ personal information.

It also scans your website from SQL Injection attacks and protects your database from vulnerabilities or any hurts. The Sitelock Basic also examines the application such as WordPress, Flash,and other Application softwares from any attacks or vulnerabilities.

how does sitelock basic work

sitelock-trust-sealWhen the Sitelock Basic once connected to your website, it examines your website from harms and threats such as fraud, thefts, viruses, malware, spyware and other vulnerabilities and verifies your business. When the scanning and verification are completed, you can install the “Sitelock Secure Badge” in your site by inserting the HTML code in your website.

If you do not know how to insert it, you may call a Fatcow service man to do it. This will ensure that your website is safe and can protect the customers’ personal information and can attract more customers to visit your site and your business.

How much will it cost you to secure your website and your business with FatcowSitelock Basic

1295 dollars per yearFatcowSitelock Basic can surely be of help to you, to your website, and to your business. It can flock many customers who want to deal about your business. It is certainly benefiting. You can secure your website and your business with FatcowSitelock Basic with its all benefits for only $12.95 yearly. Protect your website and your business at affordable price now!

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