The WebHostingHub Private WHOIS Guide

what is a whois database and why use it

topimgwhois iconA WHOIS Database is a public database that contains all the contact and registration details and information for every domain registered with a particular registrar. Since it is public, it allows anybody to access the database to find out information about a certain specific domain. Among the basic information that you can find out are who registered the domain, who the registrar is and who can be contacted about a certain domain name.

However, these databases are not maintained by a central registry but by individual registrars. Although the purpose of the WHOIS Database is so good, it also brings risks and inconvenience for the domain owner. It is good because it is one sure way of checking if the domain name up for sale is legit and if it is registered.

domain privacy
However, the risk is that the same information can be used by anybody who wishes to for any other purpose, such as unwanted telemarketers, to receiving spam and unwanted mails and even be used to blackmail the domain owner or the company. To protect the domain name owners from this, web hosting companies offer Domain Privacy.

what is domain privacy

user database icon searchWhen you register your domain name, all the owner’s contact information that you provided is automatically stored in a WHOIS database and is made publicly available and accessible by anyone. Since it is public, it is unprotected but if you wish to protect the information that you provided during the registration process, you can opt to have the services of Domain Privacy.

Domain Privacy protects your personal information by hiding it from the public whois records. This prevents the spammers, telemarketers and others from gaining access to your information such as your phone number and your email address.

Why should my information be put into the WHOIS database by webhostinghub

personal-information-iconThe posting of your registry information is a WHOIS Database is a standard requirement for all registrars. This means that this practice is not just done WebHostingHub but by each and every registrar. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) requires them to post the details of the domain name registrations.

Does WebHostingHub offer Domain Privacy and how much does it cost

who is with lock icon with user and 9 dollars per month onlyWith its commitment to provide safe and wholesome hosting experience to their clients, WebHostingHub offers Domain Privacy services. However, since the service is optional, it is offered as an add-on service and does not come free. It can be purchased at a cost of $9 per year per domain.

It may not come cheap but for those who do not wish to have their private information on the WHOIS database, the cost far outweighs the benefits. The service is available to all domains except for domains with a .us extension.

Below is a typical comparison of how WebHostingHub protects your information.

Without Domain Privacy With Domain Privacy
Registrant Registrant
John Doe John Doe
123 Apple Street 3629 Sentara Way
Los Angeles, CA 90210 Virginia Beach, VA 23452
Domain Name: Domain Name:
Created on: 2013-04-10 Created on: 2013-04-10
Expires on: 2014-04-10 Expires on: 2014-04-10

Administrative Contact Administrative Contact
John Doe John Doe
[email protected] [email protected]
123 Apple Street 3629 Sentara Way
Los Angeles, CA 90210 Virginia Beach, VA 23452
(323)555-4444 (757)416-6627

Technical Contact Technical Contact
John Doe Administrator Domain
[email protected] [email protected]
123 Apple Street 3629 Sentara Way
Los Angeles, CA 90210 Virginia Beach, VA 23452
(323)555-4444 (757)416-6627

customer support iconThe option whether to choose DNS Privacy or Private WHOIS comes during the initial registration of your domain through WebHostingHub. However, if you have already registered with the Hub but has not chosen the DNS Privacy option, you may purchase their DNS Privacy service by contacting [email protected] and make a request that the service be added to your domain.

how can i get domain privacy

Getting your domain protected by Domain Privacy is quite easy. This is what you need to do:

    • number 1You need to login to your Account Management Panel or AMP;
    • number 1As soon as logged-in, highlight over the Domains and then click Manage Domains.
    • number 1This will bring you to a page where you will see your domains listed. On the right side of your domains is a link “Add Privacy”, click one that corresponds to the domain you wanted to be private.
    • number 1Clicking the button will bring you to a billing page where you can transact with the Billing department about your new service. You may opt to use your existing credit card information stored in their system or you can add a new one. It is important that you Agree with their Terms of Service by reading it carefully and then once understood and agreed upon, click Submit. It is important to note that even though the privacy service was added to your domain after you clicked Submit, it may take up to 24 hours before other people can see the updates WHOIS information.

can i change or update my WHOIS information

You can easily modify or change your WHOIS information by modifying your registration details. Registration details can be modified through the Hub’s Account Management Panel. This is what you need to do.

    • Login to your Account Management Panel (AMP);
    • Hover over the Domains on the top menu and then click Manage Domains;
    • Click the domain where you want to make a change from a list of domains presented;
    • This will bring you to a page where you will see a list of links, find and click the link Review or Change your registration details;
    • On the succeeding screen, click the button edit next to the details you want to change;
    • Once the information is added, review it carefully and then click Submit. Your information should be changed by now but it usually takes up to 24 hours before changes are available on the WHOIS.

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