Tips For Running vBulletin Forums On iPage

iPage Overview What do you get with iPage title

priceIconiPage is one of the cheapest providers of shared web hosting services in the world today. They power more than a million sites and are proudly using 100% wind energy to support their data centers.

Apart from the less than $2 a month fee for the hosting package, iPage also supports vBulletin, a popular forum management tool that is very helpful for sites that want to run on user-generated content via forums.

ipageforumForums can bring it lots of foot traffic to your site since these people tend to be loyal visitors that contribute to the content of the pages. At the same time, forums are valuable references for research topics of virtually any category you can think of.

What is vBulletin title

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vBulletin is a software application developed by JelSoft Enterprises. It is written mostly in PHP and is backed up by MySQL databases. This makes it very popular to most developers around the world since it is pretty easy to understand and tweak.

clock2000The first release of vBulletin was way back in 2000 so you can safely assume that the product today has been through lots of testing and is already in a very stable state. The current release is 4.2.0 as of this writing.

For those who are beginning to use vBulletin to manage their forums, we have some very useful tips for you on how you can manage and improve your vBulletin forum pages.

How to minimize spam with vBulletin title

Spam is harmless at best and a resource eater at worst. How do you minimize spam within our vBulletin pages? Here’s how:

blue 1Moderate your new registrants – keep track of your new members and observe their posts. Most of the spammers are new additions to the site with the sole intention of inserting links and spamming the rest of the community.

blue 2Include an email verification step in your registration process. Including a CAPTCHA or a verification link that is sent to the used email address can help filter bogus email addresses.

blue 3Use vBulletin 3.7 or higher for some automated spam filtering features.

blue 4Routinely update the required questions for registration completion so that the spammers would at the very least, be kept on their toes.

blue 5Have Typepad and Akismet as your anti-spam services running through your vBulletin pages.

Although some spams might still pass through, diligent forum management via the site administrators is one of the most effective ways to weed out the spammers from the rest of the helpful forum community.

How to customize user profiles with vBulletin title

Another feature that is mostly requested in forums is how to customize the user profiles. Everyone wants their own voice to be heard and one of the most common outlets is via their user profiles.

blue 1Profile title text color is controlled by the body_color code in the profile page

blue 2Page link color is controlled by link_color and the pagebackground.png file

blue 3Module text color is controlled by blockhead_color and the moduletextcolor.png file

blue 4Button text color is controlled by control_color with the buttontextcolor.png file

blue 5Button background is controlled by control_background and buttonbackground.png file

blue 5Content text color (one of the most commonly altered properties) is controlled by postbit_color.

Remember to use the 6-character hex values for the colors.

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