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topimgBuilding your own eCommerce website takes a lot of effort in terms of understanding your target market, smart positioning of your products and intelligently budgeting your funds to reach our audience.shopping cartYou definitely do not want to be bothered with the technical implementations on how you can build your shopping cart, what features do you activate, how to manage payment gateway permissions etc. You leave these things with a trusted name so that you can focus on your core business. This is when a CMS or a content management system comes into play.

cms icon randomMost hosting partners support 2 to 3 CMS options but sometimes, you do not know what you need until you get to know the nitty gritty details. We’ve done a portion of your homework for you by listing down the top CMS options, all supported by WebHostingHub, so that you can pick which one can benefit your web site the most.


wordpress logoFor many, WordPress is the default option for a content management system. From managing publications like CNN to small-time blogs, managing a photo portfolio, rich media content and even extensive product catalogs, WordPress can give you a very cheap alternative to having a professional-looking website.

One of the reasons why WordPress is so popular is that there are so many cool themes (both free and paid) to choose from to help you launch your site ASAP.

Double check your web hosting partner’s specs to make sure that they support the world’s most downloaded CMS:

  •  PHP 5.2.4 or higher
  •  MySQL 5.0 or higher

What are the important features that you should keep in mind when going with WordPress?
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  •  Easy to use admin interface, even first-time website managers can navigate around it
  •  Access your site’s control panel from anywhere in the world because it is based from a web login
  •  Port your desktop site into a responsive mobile and tablet-friendly site with just an installation of the right theme or plugin
  •  Connect to social media platforms
  •  Easily change your theme by just updating your theme selection
  •  Update and edit an existing theme to your liking

WordPress is also free and open source so you don’t have to spend a single dollar to try it out today.


magento logoMagento is one of the more popular and more robust eCommerce platforms today, rumored to be used by at least 10% of the world’s eCommerce site as of this writing. 100% backed by eBay, Magento is also an open source platform that allows high scalability and responsiveness to websites without being too data intensive.

For those wishing to install and use Magento, you need to make sure that your host supports:

  • PHP 5.2.13 but support for PHP 5.4 is recommended
  • MySQL 5.0.2 and up
  • Apache 1.3.x and up

Magento supports IE 7 and later (note that IE 6 is not supported) and runs on Linux OS x86.


drupal logoDrupal is one of the easiest content management systems to run, according to most web site owners. While you need to be a developer to highly customize and build on top of it, to create a basic website, you don’t need to do a single line of code. It is (rumored) used by around 2% of the world’s live sites today and needs the following requirements to run:
  • MySQL 4.1 and up
  • PHP 5.2.x and up
  • Can run on either Apache, Microsoft IIS or Nginx
  • Needs at least 15 MB of disk space for installation


joomla logoJoomla is known for having a lot of support for plugins and extension, making it a good option for those who want to do further customizations from the base CMS. It is also free and open source, making it very popular for web developers using PHP. Next to WordPress, it is the second most used CMS tool in the world.

If you want to run Joomla for your website, you need to make sure that your host supports:

  •  PHP 5.2.4 or higher
  •  MySQL 5.0.4 or higher
  •  Apache 2.x, Nginx 1.0 or Microsoft IIS 7

open cart

opencart iconAnother open source tool that specifically gives you a shopping cart feature is OpenCart. Built to connect you to popular payment facilities like PayPal, OpenCart is a good starting point for those who want to sell products or services online.

Here are the features of OpenCart:

  • Multiple language support
  • Supports at least 8 shipping methods
  • Connects to Amazon payments, Alipay, WorldPay, PayPal, UPS, Google Checkout and eWay
  • Allows product descriptions, reviews and automatically resizes images depending on the viewing device

WebHostingHub supports a one-click installation feature for OpenCart so that you do not have to fiddle with its settings anymore.

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