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what are control panels


webhostinghubNow, that you have chosen WebHostingHub to host your website, it is time to figure out how to use the control panel to set up your website. Control panel is one of the most important features of your webhosting account. The name “control panel” speaks for itself. You have the power to control the properties of your account and your website.

Control panels help you create the basic information of your account as well as the acquired information behind your website which will be directed to you. The parts of the control panel will serve as the steady reminder of the progress of your website.

    • bandwidth iconThe bandwidth or traffic of your website which gives you the data capacity of the content of your website in bytes.
    • MySQL databases server hosting database iconThe disk space or the amount of space your web server can provide.
    • packageYour chosen hosting package
    • domain globe iconDomain name/web address or the IP address
    • credit cardsthat house the encryptions of your credit card information.
    • file transferFTP accounts
    • email emailList of email accounts

The next portions of the control panel that will be featured below are important aspects of your webhosting account since it already involves the whole control of your website.

file management

file cabinetThe File Management keeps and supports the files of your website so as you can download them anytime you need to secure your files from your site. There is no need for FTP software since you can directly make your FTP accounts in your webhosting account. The FTP accounts will help you upload and download your files to your website.

Through the file management, you’ll be able to map the complete view of the files and catalogues of your website.

The file manager consists of action such as:

  •  Create Folders
  •  Create Files
  •  You can also delete, move and copy the files or folders.
  •  Upload/Download files

email settings

The control panel includes the portion for the email settings of your account. This portion allows you to man the following actions:

  •  Set up your email accounts
  •  Limit the amount of email accounts linked to your webhosting accounts
  •  Link your other email addresses to one email account that will serve as the catch basin of all other accounts you have.
  •  You can create mailing lists.
  •  You can launch an automatic command to forward or respond to emails.
  •  Specific hosts may also allow you to manage spam filters in case spams bother you.


pie chart iconAn important feature of the control panel that gives you up-to-date figures and data of the progress of your website is the statistics. The statistics portion will show you the most recent number of viewers of your website as well as the length of time they have stayed to view your site. It will also inform you the usual browser used by surfers to view your site as well as the next site they have viewed after yours.

The data that the statistics presents to you will guide you to promote better your website and to find out the improvements or alterations you can input on your site. In this way, you’ll be able to measure the efficiency of your website.


webhosting hub folder iconOne aspect that clients want to assure of themselves is their own security. You can protect your folders by creating username and passwords that make information confidential to you. Files and images from your site can also be copyright protected to disallow people from linking those to their own sites. You can also block certain IP from gaining access to your website.


application-iconThe control panel also provides applications that you can access directly to your webhosting account. The additional software selections allow you to manage blogs, create classified ads, manage contents of website, forums, and portions for frequently asked questions, manage polls and surveys, photo galleries, calendar etc.

other functions

other functionsssSome webhosts have other added functions that can be of help in managing your website. There might come a time one of the other functions come of use to you so better maximize the use of the other functions featured in the control panel of your webhosting account.

Some of the other functions are of the following:

  • Settings of your MySQL database
  • Important network tools
  • Receive notifications from the chosen webhosting company
  • Internal links to back up your files
  • Expansion of FrontPage of your website
  • Types of MIME
  • Administration of PHP
  • Managing your domain or web address

web domain icon with gearAlthough all types of the control panels have the same purpose of managing contents and settings of webhosting accounts and websites, there are still varied types of control panels specific to webhosts. The other known control panels are Virtuozzo, Server CP, and Plesk but the most popular is the CPanel. Control panel helps you create the framework of your site and may this breakdown of control panel features guide you in making the best out of your site.

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  1. John Rogers April 19, 2014 at 11:07 pm - Reply

    Nice look at web hosting control panels. I would also mention InterWorx, which I have found is a great and possibly superior alternative to cPanel and Plesk. Just some food for thought.

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