WebHostingHub FTP Guide

file transferSo you’ve just begun to manage and build your website, what do you have to do next in order to process a file transfer from your computer to your website? Through FTP (File Transfer Protocol) you are able to successfully upload files on to your website. How do I connect my site to FTP?

  • FTP Software – such as FileZilla, SmartFTP, Dreamweaver, or iWeb.
  • FTP Clients – such as CuteFTP or FTPclient.

Once the proper software or client is chosen you then need to get FTP in to your account. What do you have to do to get FTP into your account? Know the FTP Basics.

ftp basics

  • FTP Host – an FTP Host is where files will be stored.
  • Remember: if your WebHostingHub domain was pointed towards their nameservers, this should be used as the FTP Host.
  • FTP Username – your FTP username will be made up of your cPanel username or any other username from another account.
  • FTP Password – either a specific password made specifically for your FTP account or your cPanel password if FTP account password not yet processed. 

Now that you have FTC you may be ready to upload your website and all your files.

where do uploaded files go

  • domain small iconMain domain – if you have just one domain, the files will upload directly in to the document root on that domain. All domains will have a document root and if you have multiple domains, files will upload in the default main domain. The first uploaded image will be for your websites index page which will over ride WebHostHub’s ‘Hello There’ default image.
  • add on sub domain iconAdd-on and Subdomains – when new domains are added, they will come with folders created for that domain. The folder names of these new domains will be the same as those of the last domain. As an option, you can change the folder names in order to make file uploading easier and more organized.

Website building can be hard work, you may share this job with a team or a designer who would be able to upload their own files.

how can other people use my ftp

user icon with laptopThis can be a little bit tricky especially if you have multiple accounts and files and may have hired someone for just one specific task. Never give away your cPanel username and password. Instead use the option on WebHostingHub that enables you to make FTP accounts which can be adjusted to specific folders.

how do i make an ftp account

  • Log in to cPanel, hover over ‘Files’ and click on ‘FTP Accounts’.
  • You will be linked to your FTP account. Go to the ‘Directory’ option and type in one forward slash to enable someone full access into your FTP account. For access into only specific files or domains use the ‘public_html’ option as the Directory.
  • Click ‘create FTP account’. 

When your FTP account has been finalized, your uploaded files will first go through the document index as the document root which receives uploaded files. The directory index must be modified to a default setting in order to enable file loading into websites.

modifying the directory index

htaccess file iconUse an .htcaccess file to modify the default homepage to your websites name rather than the welcome message usually displayed. This will be the first thing site visitors will see when logging in.Remember, when changing the default homepage’s welcome message to your website name, note that servers on WebHostingHub are case sensitive.

how do i achieve directory structire

broken link iconIf any uoloaded link or image appears broken on the website, hover over it and you will find out where the image is connected. You can right click on a broken image or link and select the options ‘View Image Info’, or ‘Properties’. Once you see the path where the image of link is connected, review the image or document upload to see what caused it to break.

file organizedYou may be very well organized and already have all your files in order before even beginning the building process. If you have multiple files to upload you need to know how to manage them properly. One of the ways to manage files is through File Manager under the cPanel option or through an FTP Client.

how do i make a new file with ftp

  • Connect and log in through FileZilla.
  • You will be redirected to the ‘Remote Site’ section where all files are listed. Click on the folder where you want your new file to be placed.
  • Right click and select the ‘create new file’ option.
  • Input the new files name and click OK.

how do i edit files with FTP

  • Connect and log in through FileZilla
  • When the folder pops out, click on the file to edit.
  • Right click and select view or edit you will be linked to your file.
  • After you edit, make sure you select Save. Select the ‘Yes’ option when asked: ‘Upload this file to server?’

how do i upload a file with FTP

  • Connect and log in through FileZilla.
  • When the folder pops out select the folder where you want to place your new uploaded file.
  • Drag and drop the file into the selected folder. 

The use of FTP can make website and file management a whole lot easier and direct. Find an FTP that suits you best or select one of WebHostingHub’s recommended FTP’s and you’ll be building your site in no time.

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