WebHostingHub Money Back Guarantee (details)

topimgThe presence of a money back guarantee can say a lot about a web hosting company. If they really knew they had quality services, they would be more likely to offer money-back schemes as they know that users would not need to go for them. WebHostingHub has a money back guarantee for up to 90 days after beginning with them.

The first step towards availing the money back guarantee

email to webhosting hubIf you are not satisfied with service or outcome, the first step towards cancelling your plan and getting a money back guarantee is to send a detailed e-mail to [email protected] including your AMP Password or the last 4 digits of registered credit card in order to verify your identity. After this, uses may ask whether they get all their money back.

What are the exclusions to the money back guarantee

    • domain registrationDomain registration – a free domain name remains under a user’s responsibility whether or not they are with a web host; and as this is so, domain registration amounting to $11.99 plus $5 for administrative fees will be non-refundable
    • domain privacyDomain privacy – as this was a personalized setting that the user opted to have, the $9.99 paid for it will also be non-refundable.
    • ssl certificate SSL Certificate – like domain privacy, this is another optional website feature that was not required but rather, chosen by the user. SSL Certificate fees will not be refundable.

Regardless of how long your website lasted or was up for, even if it was significantly before the 90 day time period as required by WebHostHub, these three specifications will still not be refunded.

when can i get a refund

90 day money back gyaranteeBefore 90 days – if you opt for the refund policy before 90 days upon signing up with WebHosstingHub, you will get a full (minus the exclusions) refund of fees paid.

What if I want to cancel my plan past the 90 day mark

user cancelsSubscriber plan cancellation is available and possible at any time, if a user opts to cancel his plan after the 90 day money back guarantee he will receive a prorated amount minus the non-refundable fees and any possibly availed set up fees.

There are some people who are cost and budget conscious and compute every cent that they think they have the right to get back. Based on the policy, terms, and conditions by WebHostingHub which were agreed to upon beginning of a plan there are circumstances when refund does not apply.

why cant i refund

    • monthly feePartial monthly fees – if you send a cancellation in the middle of the month from which your monthly plan payment is due, you will not be refunded for the amount of days remaining in that month.
    • setup feeSet-up fees – displeased with services or not, the web host and its staff still aided you in setting up your website and the time and effort in doing so cannot be taken back. Set-up fees are non-refundable.
    • discount icon Discounts – if you were offered any discounts with monthly fees or special options, these will also be non-refundable.

Knowing how long processing time for cancellations takes is an important aspect to consider if you may be thinking about cancelling your plan.

How long does plan cancelling processing take

30 days guaranteeWith WebHostingHub processing for cancellations will take up to 30 days maximum to take effect. This is important and should be considered as the 30 days’ time for cancellation will be counted in the 90 day money back guarantee.

When will my money credit back into my account

user accountUpon finalizing of cancellation, WebHostingHub credits refunded money back into a user’s account which could take up to 5 working days to process. Sometimes, the occurrence of delinquent subscribers is experienced by staff and management of WebHostingHub.

During these occasions when people veer from the terms and conditions that they supposedly agreed to upon beginning of the building process, WebHostingHub may take precautions by cancelling an account.

When will WebHostingHub intervene by account cancellation

    • bluechecklistIf a subscriber misses a payment for an extended period of time over his due date.
    • bluechecklistIf a user has been deemed to have violated the policy, terms, and conditions set upon by WebHostingHub in strict accordance by all subscribers.
    • bluechecklistIf a user’s Website content proves to be illegal or associated with any illegal activity.
    • bluechecklistCancellation of an account and removal of a Website and domain may be conducted by the company any time and with no repercussions from the user or any legal enforcement.

dont cancel its a hassleCancelling a plan and having to go for a refund policy can be a real hassle, avoid this by being absolutely sure before you choose a web host by exploring all aspects of what they have to offer and being absolutely sure that they are right for you.

Or, work it out; that’s what 24/7 for web hosting sites are for. If a web host is still up and running with subscribers then it must be for a good reason, if they could make it work, so can you.

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