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topimgAs a small business owner you must realize how vital and indispensable websites are. They offer your target audience access to the latest updates ad well as provides you with the capability of expanding your audience range to a wider demographic scale, increasing your site traffic and potentially bringing in new customers.

signing upIf you’ve made the decision of beginning a website, there are a lot of things to consider. First of all, you need to choose a web host like WebHostingHub to take up space for your website. Then you need to consider what you want your site to be mainly about in order to connect to your audience the best way.

What are the different types of websites

informationalInformational – this type of website seeks to inform its audience of whatever it needs to portray through the use or images, text, or video. An informative website can also sometimes be referred to as ‘static’ because it is non-interactive and does not change unless information is updated.

blogBlogs – a blog is an informal site composed of simple articles on the latest events which will include personal opinions and thoughts. Blogs are interactive and can be updated as often as the user deems fit, it can also accept comments and feedback from an audience.

e commerceE- Commerce – this is a website out up for the specific purpose of sales. E-commerce sites are application based and contain informational aspects for the products being sold. It will have links for customers to make payments through different methods that the user prefers.

Deciding what website type to go for can also mean the difference between website stagnation and immediate popularity. Carefully assess this decision by weighing your target audience versus your main business aspect.

What do I consider before starting a website

pricing planPayment plan – most web hosts accept payment on yearly terms, WebHostingHub prefers this method but will also accept payments and renewals 3-monthly.

payment planPayment method – WebHostingHub will accept all major credit cards directly or through PayPal.

extra chargesExtra charges – you need to consider extra charges in case one of the options is somrhtign you might prefer such as SSL or domain privacy.

moneybackMoney back guarantee – WebHostingHub offers a 90 day money back guarantee.

service assistanceService assistance – this is an important functionality for web hosts and vital for beginners to have access to. WebHostingHub has 24/7 online chat service for any user that might need assistance or have questions.

The next thing to consider in beginning your website is which plan to go for, there are different plans for users different website needs as well as different levels in skill when it comes to this industry.

webhosting plans

launch plan iconSpark – this is WebHostingHub’s most basic website designed to give beginners the simplest website building process. This is the best plan for simple, straight forward and uncomplicated informative websites. Spark costs $107.88 yearly.

Remember: if you are a small business owner, the quality of your website does not need to be compromised because of your lack of site building skills. You can always hire a web designer and get the best website possible.

power plan iconNitro – this is the middle plan of three, which makes it WebHostingHub’s most flexible plan as it enables you to adjust website needs and traffic should you ever want to downgrade to Spark or upgrade to Nitro. This was made for webmasters with slightly more experience in developing web pages and handling traffic. Nitro costs $155.88 yearly.

pro plan iconDynamo – Dynamo allows considerably more websites and domains as well as a higher level of website traffic. Out of the three plans, Dynamo has the most enhanced processor plan and server resources. This plan is suggested to be used by experienced webmasters. Dynamo costs $239.88 yearly.

Remember: Dynamo is not available to first timers, you may first avail of either spark or Nitro and then opt to upgrade later. Dynamo is only available to the existing subscribers of WebHostingHub.

If you’ve chosen your plan, then you’re almost ready to get started. The next step is finding a software tool compatible with WebHostingHub that suits your needs and preferences best.

web tool builderWebHostingHub will highly recommend using WordPress, but others are available such as: premium Website Builder, Joomla, and Drupal to name a few. Before you go ahead on your website building, there are just a few more things you should know in order to ease you into the process.

additional information

back upWebsite Backups – this is an important thing to have from the beginning of your website building, and especially when it has been launched or has been in operation. Without backups, your website could lose information for a number of reasons and would no longer be recovered.

php and my sqlPHP and MySQL – these are databases in charge of running, creating, exporting, and importing your chosen applications.

securitySSL Security – especially if you are running an e-commerce site that handles payments with important personal information such as credit card numbers, having an SSL certification adds to your website security and security of your customers.

cpanelcPanel and AMP – these help you manage your account with WebHostingHub.

With the right attitude and the right resources, creating a website can be easy and fun. Remember that WebHostingHub has 24/7 service assistance if you ever have any questions or assistance in your site building.

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