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topimgAs any person who has already put a substantial amount of money, and especially time and effort in to the creation of a website, security would be of top priority. Hacks even on informative static websites can be harmful and lead to degradation of a user’s reputation.

online store icon eccommerceThey can be even worse in interactive sites such as blogs by posting under the authors shadow anything they want. The most damaging so far is with e-commerce websites where there are money transactions involved as well as customer details and credit card numbers. If you want to open a website with a web host, consider the kind of security they offer.

does webhosting hub offer ssh

Due to all the security implications and issues that have been surrounding SSH over the past few years, WebHostingHub has opted not to use this as an option.

So, if WebHostingHub doesn’t use SSH for their security, then what do they use

ssl lock icon securityWebHostingHub uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for their security needs. This permits secure connections between servers and customers by the encryption of data upon sending by the server which will only be decrypted upon receipt of the customer. This prevents any untoward interception.

what is the difference of ssh and ssl

ssl port ocpmSSH (Secure Shell) uses a port to log in remotely from one computer to another one with the same subscription. It is mostly used by network administrators to log in to two devices at once. It is obvious where the security issues here are. SSL will connect from your computer to a secure server on the internet and will not connect on any other devices. This secure server that it connects to are mostly for payment methods.

what are the risks of ssh

Web hosts wouldn’t completely abandon this functionality for no good reason, after all, it has been known for innovations as well such as large scale file management.

  • Remote log in through SSH can cause system vulnerability as there is no way of knowing whether there may be someone on the other side or not. Interruption of files in transit is also a possible outcome of this remote function.
  • In order to ensure convenience, SSH implements agent forwarding which is a method for website builders in different locations to forward information to each other through the site itself when SSH is applied. This sometimes serves as one of SSH’s advantages, but with the communication line vulnerable this could pose as a threat to website information and files.
  • The third issue is related to companies who utilize SSH possibly for the intranet. Intranet within a company can sometimes be programmed to send out mass messages to all employees; with that feature, an unsecure server could reverse that into an inbound message which could have harmful files attached, and because the file is encrypted, it will be very difficult to expect. 

security shield iconYou may be starting to understand why WebHostingHub opts not to have SSH as a feature, true that it may have positive functionality but anything that has the capacity to do more harm than good is not a risk to be taken. The SSL through the cPanel on WebHostingHub offers the same security for your website anyway.

what are the advantages of having ssl

  • When dealing with sensitive information such as customer profiles and credit card numbers, SSL keeps this information secure by staying offline and away from possible transmissions until it is needed.
  • If you have an e-commerce website and it is new, more users are more likely to trust you upon seeing your SSL certificate.
  • There are two kinds of SSL that you can choose from depending on your websites nature and specifications.

two kinds of ssl

  • Shared SSL – this is the SSL that comes free with WebHostingHub and is shared by all users on the server. It has exactly the same functionality and security as the dedicated SSL with the difference of one thing. This will matter especially if your website is new and you are just starting to get traffic and an audience to begin trusting you. When the SSL is in need of utilization, a website visitor will see a change in their browser from just your domain name to a longer address which will include your cPanel username and the name of WebHostingHub. Though visitors may now be familiar with your site, it is highly possible that they are unfamiliar with WebHostingHum and this might make them think that an affiliate site is trying to cash in.
  • Dedicated SSL – provides the same security as a shared SSL but with the addition of the domain name staying the same when SSL is needed. Though this option is not free, it offers comfort to your visitors and an added element of trust. This option will cost $99.99 yearly and an additional $2.95 a month for the IP address your server requires for this dedicated certificate.

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