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mobile phone with globe dimainMore and more people are using their mobile phones to pay for their bills, view the day’s top news stories and even send out work email. As a matter of fact, more than 40% of today’s Internet traffic comes from mobile devices (and in some countries, that figure is much larger). For business owners, what does this mean?

It means you must have mobile presence for your business to grow exponentially or at the very least, to keep up with everyone else. Having a website is not a luxury these days, it is a necessity. Tools like WordPress help make that a reality for you with the added bonus of making things mobile compatible, so that your investment in your website goes much further down the road.

wordpress mobileWhy do you have to build your site on WordPress, if you just want to cover mobile devices? WordPress allows your site to be easily managed so that you don’t have to spend countless hours fitting everything for the desktop and mobile screens. It also helps you be more hands-on in developing your pages so that you get to understand why certain things must be done in a particular way.

top 3 benefits of wordpress

Choosing to install WordPress for your website gives you the following top advantages:

wordpress globe anywhereAccessibility to manage your site from any computer in the world. You don’t have to have your work laptop with you all the time to be able to edit your blog or upload new product photos.

You can do that from any device that has internet access because you can just login to your WordPress admin console (usually www.yourdomainhere.com/wp-admin) to make the necessary changes. In today’s world where a single user has multi-screens and devices on hand, having everything on the cloud is a necessity.

wordpress codingNo coding experience required! You are not dependent on an army of web developers to upload your latest photos or edit a typo in your site. You can do that on your own since WordPress is really very easy to use and understand.

Just think of it as an online version of MS Word with a few other features such as Publish and Draft. You can also create your posts (whether for the blog or for photo gallery) and then save them for later publishing so that you don’t have to upload and be in front of the computer minutes before a product launch.

wordpress templateAccess to lots and lots of pre-made themes! Since WordPress is open source, meaning, everyone has access to the source code for free, there are lots of free (and premium) themes that you can choose from.

You basically do not have to create a theme from scratch since you can just get a theme and then edit it to your preferences. Things to consider when getting a theme are the layout of the content, manner of displaying the photos (or the type of lightbox for the photos), button displays and main navigational menu type.

practical uses of wordpress for your website

ecommerce basket shopping cart with giftsAre you having a tough time imagining how WordPress features can affect your website? Let’s imagine that you are running an eCommerce site that sells children’s toys. How can WordPress make your life easier as a website owner? It can help:
    • small icon timeCreate a website in less than an hour after setting up your hosting requirements and buying of your domain name.
    • small icon for categoriesPublish and categorize your products, from Children’s outdoor play things to battery-operated toys.
    • small icon shopping cartCreate a shopping cart (thanks to the plugins) and check out facility for easy transactions.
    • small icon for paypal integrationSetup a payment gateway to accept PayPal payments.
    • small icon for email newsletterCreate and implement a newsletter to invite your users to shop more often.
    • small icon tablet mobile flatDisplay your site in a mobile-friendly way.

how to get wordpress for your website

So are you ready to get things started? Follow the simple steps below to setup your WordPress account for your site:

  • Download the latest version of WordPress from www.wordpress.org/download
  • Make sure you have an FTP client like Filezilla. If not, you can download it from https://filezilla-project.org/.
  • Logon to your hosting control panel site, usually found in www.yourdomain.com/c-panel. Or you can go back to the Welcome email that your hosting partner sent you. That will contain your username and login credentials for the hosting dashboard.
  • Go to the One click installation script feature on your hosting panel. Usually, this is the Fantastico script icon. Click that and it will open a dialog box regarding your WordPress installation. Just select the site where you want it installed (in case you have multiple sites in your account).
  • Specify where you want the WordPress installed. Usually, you install it for your whole site, so just enter your full domain name. There are times where WordPress will only be used for the www.yourdomainhere.com/blog, so just specify that it is for the /blog section.
  • Click the Install button and wait 10 seconds (assuming you have a decent Internet connection) and you are done!

It is really as easy as that. There’s a manual way to do things but why do it the tougher way when you can do it in 10 seconds, right?

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