top 10 webhosting companies

ribbon imageAs websites are used to improve businesses, so do those businesses improve the credibility and reputation of various web hosts circulating through the net. And with seemingly similar offers it can sometimes be a difficult choice to make.

what to look out for when choosing a web host

    • freebiesFreebies and bonuses – these are usually displayed on the very front of any site in an attempt to lure in small business owners. Though sometimes used as a ploy in gaining more clients, these freebies can also come in handy when you start your website. The more the better, but make sure of your web hosts reputation.
    • diskspaceDiskspace – an important factor to consider when opening a website. Though most web hosts will offer unlimited free space, there are some that offer a limited about of GB’s and based on your needs this might not be enough for you. Limited space will also hinder website growth and expansion if you ever opt for it.
    • securitySecurity – security is also offered by most web hosts but you need to make sure that it is 24/7 security available to you whenever. Some web hosts do not offer security until an upgrade of the basic purchased plan is bought, leaving the client no choice but to spend more.
    • moneyback guaranteeMoney back guarantee – the length of time that a company is willing to offer money back says a lot about them and their credibility. Consider: companies with unlimited money back guarantees have enough belief in their services to know that clients will most likely not go for it.
    • support iconSupport – like security, some web hosts do not offer support unless a premium package is bought first. Support needs to be available 24/7 as people from all over the world can use a web host and clients should not have to adhere to time zone restrictions.

Known for their space, security, and user friendliness in synchronicity with affordability these web hosting companies are on top of the list and most used as the web host of choice.

top 10 webhosting companies

  • iPage – a webhosting company that is known capable of standing the test of time as it has been around since 1998. It offers the always-demanded space with free security, domain, and support if located in the North American area. Offering the cheapest price of our top 10 at $1.99 it also provides a money back guarantee.
  • BlueHost – at $3.95, BlueHost offers a free domain with unlimited space and traffic, it has streaming video support as well as a drag drop feature and 24 hour security.
  • Host Gator – provides top of the line hosting to clients in over 200 countries from its base in Texas, this company began in 2002 and boasts of unlimited disk space with bandwidth, user friendly control panel, and 24/7 service guarantee at just $3.96.
  • Justhost.com – at just $1.99 Justhost.com offers unlimited GB’s of space and transfer, domain hosting, e-mail accounts; as well as free domain name registration and assistance with set-up and site building.
  • Fat Cow – Fat Cow offers the same unlimited space and bandwidth with additional unlimited POP Mailboxes, MySQL Databases, and hosted domains. The usual free domain name and site builder with additional free shopping cart and script barn. At $3.15 a month, Fat Cow offers the most bonus features from Google Ad Words, Yahoo, Facebook, WordPress, Yellowpages, and Nextiva.
  • Host monster –this company offers an unlimited amount of space, bandwidth, domain hosting, and e-mail accounts as well as free domain and site builders with the addition of a free online store. At $4.95 it promises high-standard support and wide-range hosting.
  • Netfirms – for just $4.45 you can get unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and websites with Netfirms. This company offers lesser hassle with a choice of free ready-to-go websites and an easy one-click app installer, with 24 hour security and a 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Dotster – the Dotset site is welcoming with an immediate domain name search option and at $6.75 you could get all tis features including the drag and drop site builder and unlimited domain hosting. However, premium support will not be offered by Dotster without availing of their ‘Ultra’ hosting package at $13.95.
  • iPower – this company has been supporting the growth and advertisement of small businesses with web hosting since their emergence in 2001 and now offer free domain name registration and site building tools as well as unlimited hosting. At $1.99 they assist clients with their every need through their US-based service center open 24/7 and 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Dot5Hosting – at $5.95 this webhosting company offers the most freebies which include: free domain name, shopping carts, website templates, website builders, blogging and forum tools, and over 140 DIY tutorials. They offer a personal service that promises to take you through website building one step at a time.

domain icon globe iconNo matter what the size of a business is, advertising will always be important in getting themselves known to their target audience. Through webhosting, businesses no matter how small or big can create a connection with an audience on a wider demographic scale.

database server hosting icon with gearWebhosting provides businesses a means at creating the indispensable website that allows them further advertising, updates, and connections with their would-be consumers. Choosing the best web host is irrelevant as to choosing the best for you and your needs and preferences. Chose right, be smart, and weigh your options before making that decis

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