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thumbs upThere are some websites that may be considered as more popular than others and that there are some that are less known. The reason for this may be based on the web hosting provider that you are planning to use. The best way to look at the benefits and features of the web hosting provider is to look at their list of satisfied customers.

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about ipageiPage is a website hosting provider which is primarily designed to cater to both personal and business websites. There are more than 1,000,000 websites that are currently being hosted by iPage. The reason for the high number of customer websites is that iPage has an awesome web hosting plan as well as special benefits and features to both new and existing customers.

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ipagescoupon_iconThere are some promotions that are being given by iPage such as the current offer of paying only $3.50 per month. There are some instances that iPage will even offer the same basic package for a lower rate of $2.99 per month. But these offers normally expire without any previous notice so customers who want to make their own websites may regret not taking advantage of these special offers.

The reason for this is that there are some website hosting providers that offer the same basic package but with a more expensive monthly rate. Remember that iPage is one of the most popular hosting providers due to its high number of website customers. So it is better to find a hosting provider that knows how to make your website popular rather than get those that are less known.

iPage Advantages title

There are many advantages of using iPage as a website hosting provider. One such advantage is that this is a popular provider due to the minimal amount of time spent from clicking the link to loading the website. iPage constantly updates their server platforms since the main reason why customers leave is due to the longer loading time of their webpages. To a majority of customers, time means money and therefore a slower loading time means more time spent being idle which can lead prospective clients to move to other sites.

iPage includes the following features free of charge:

ipages free of charge features

  • Domain registration
  • Website security
  • Site-building tools
  • Search engine and marketing credits
  • Online store

Its main advantage is that its main energy source is 100% wind power.

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Pixelanalogue screenshotThere are already some existing websites that use or are hosted by iPage. One of the most simple is Pixelanalogue which is an art portfolio website that shows the creative renderings of Jennie Li. The website design is favorable to customers since it is easy to navigate and simply designed so that the focus is more on the artwork rather than on the website itself.

Curlz Creative

Curlz Creative screenshotThe majority of iPage websites are created for small business owners such as Curlz Creative which is owned and operated by a salon owner. This is seen in the custom design of their website which includes a high quality WordPress feature. The use of WordPress not only makes the website look great but it also enhances search engine optimization using Google.

Fairless Hills Produce

Fairless Hills Produce screenshotAnother beautifully designed website which is hosted by iPage is Fairless Hills Produce. This website encourages consumers to shop for fresh food in order to not only save money but to also live a healthier life. The website gives relevant information on their home page that includes the contact numbers, the address and as well as the store hours.

There are also some informative data that you can learn such as in a cup of cooked oatmeal, you can get the following info:

  • Calorie amount
  • Fat
  • Carbohydrate
  • Protein

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But even though a majority of iPage website owners are small businesses, there are also some websites that are designed for a specific community such as the one by Happy Tribe. This is a website dedicated for women who prefer to breast feed their babies instead of bottle feeding.

There is a reason why these businesses choose iPage. So the next time that you are looking for a web hosting provider, choose well.

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