Can I get shared hosting with managed service?

There are three hosting services offered by providers to different customers and include:

  •  Shared Hosting
  •  Managed Service
  •  Dedicated Hosting Service

But depending on the needs, future requirements, and planned online presence of the client, a single hosting service may be used.

Shared Hosting Service

A single web server is used to service numerous websites managed and owned by different website owners. This means that the physical capacity as well as the cost of maintaining the web server is divided to numerous clients. This is significantly different from the managed hosting service since the website owner is allowed to use a significant portion of the web server without the need to share the same space with other website owners.

Managed Hosting Service

Unfortunately for the website owner, the cost of the service is considered to be significantly higher when compared to choosing the shared hosting service. There are some advantages and limitations for this choice of hosting service, which include:

  •  No full control over the web server
  •  Management of own data using the FTP option
  •  Remote management tools

The purpose of the control limitations is to minimize the danger of damaging or modifying the server by the website owner. This is to ensure that configuration problems resulting from website owner mistakes can be prevented. Technically, the website owner only leases the web server or equipment from the provider.

Dedicated Hosting Service

The most expensive is the dedicated hosting service since the entire server is dedicated to a single individual or an organization. However, the web server is still owned by the hosting provider since the size of the bandwidth is still decided on by the web host provider. The main benefit and difference of this hosting service is that the website owner is now allowed to change the server configuration so that it matches the needs of the website owner.

Most hosting service providers only have a single rule, which is that the website owner does not do anything illegal. The limitation of this hosting service decision is that the website owner is now tasked to keep the web server secure and running smoothly by regularly updating the software.

Mixing Hosting Services

There are some cases where two hosting services can be used by a single website owner such as shared hosting and managed service. The reasoning behind this is that shared hosting website owners are not all technologically savvy. Some additional reason is that the website owner does not have enough time to take care of IT issues as well as their business.

Managed Shared Hosting

The popularity of managed shared hosting is due to the fact that the cost of shared hosting is merged with a higher level of additional support or managed services. The purpose of this service is that most websites need constant care and maintenance, which cannot be regularly done by the website owner. This is further worsened by the development of new applications, which needs to be compatible in various electronic devices. Some hosting service provider may even require website owners to manage their website on a regular or daily basis.

Some of the most common problems seen by the customer service team are that:

  •  A specific website may be overloading the web server of the provider
  •  Software recommendation
  •  Differences of the website appearance in different electronic devices
  •  IT issues

The most often included service for this include:

  •  Monitoring of significant web pages
  •  Changes in the control panel
  •  Installation and upgrade of web apps
  •  Assist with e-mail programs and web editing software

Fortunately, managed shared hosting can be implemented and terminated anytime by the website owner.

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