Can I host multiple websites on one shared hosting account?

Can I host multiple websites on one shared hosting account?

As domain names become more and more common on the web, new features are also being added to web hosts. Nowadays, it is possible to host multiple websites on a single hosting account. Most people now are hosting several websites on one account. This is very convenient, especially for people who manage different websites. In selecting a shared hosting plan, you must check if it really allows multiple websites on one account. Otherwise, you might want to check out other service providers who can provide you with such an option.

What is web hosting?

It is an Internet hosting service that enables individuals and companies to make their websites available on the web. Web hosting simply means that your website will be posted on the web and other computers will have access to it. Different companies offer web hosting services. Whatever you will choose will depend on your personal preference. Hosting your personal website will cost much cheaper than hosting a business website. One of the most preferred hosting services that most people use is the shared web hosting.

What is shared web hosting?

It is a type of hosting service where several users share a single web server linked to the Internet. In this case, several users share the web server’s resources. Shared web hosting is not suitable for users with software development programs outside the extent of the web hosting provider’s capacity. Regular applications usually work fine in shared web hosting services. Shared web hosting is also relatively cheap, but still works efficiently. This kind of service also provides sufficient disk space and bandwidth for the regulation of web traffic. This option is most preferred by users because it is the most cost-effective choice.

How can I host several websites on one shared hosting account?

In order to host several websites on one account, you should:

  • Make sure that your service provider offers such option.
  • If your service provider offers such option, add the domain name you chose for your account.
  • Check if the domain name you chose is available. If not, choose one that is available.
  • Select a particular folder for the website.
  • After that, you must upload the files of the website to the folder you selected.
  • Lastly, put the DNS of the domain name you chose to your account.

What are the benefits of shared hosting?

The following are the benefits of shared hosting:

  • Cheaper cost. This is one factor that makes shared hosting preferable to most people.
  • Technical maintenance is not necessary when you are generating other applications. It lessens your worries about your website because someone else is monitoring the server.
  • Shared hosting is user-friendly. It includes a control panel that makes uploading a website easier.

Are there disadvantages in using shared hosting?

Using shared hosting also entails some disadvantages. These are some of them:

  • Due to several users sharing a single server, there is a huge probability that your website would work slower. The system runs slow when a user uploads several websites on a single account and the server is greatly distressed. This affects every user using the same server.
  • With shared hosting, you also share the same resources with everyone else on the server. This means that your functions are limited.
  • Your security is not entirely guaranteed.

Who should use shared web hosting?

Shared hosting entails sharing a server with everyone registered in it. Due to that, not all people prefer to use shared web hosting. Here is the list of people who might find using a shared web hosting appropriate:

  • People who have personal sites like bloggers
  • E-commerce online stores
  • Small to medium sized business owners

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