How do I use FTP to manage files on my shared hosting account?

What is FTP?

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a standard Internet protocol utilized to convey computer records between oneweb host to another. Utilizing internet’s TCP/IP procedures, FTP is an application protocol normally used to transfer Web pages’ files for everybody over the Internet. These computer files are transmitted from their originator to the server computer. FTP is normally used to download not only computer programs, but other files as well to your computer from other servers.

What is shared hosting account?

Shared hosting lets a certain website to be accessed by other computers around the world. Sharing the same web server, shared hosting lets these multiple web sites accessible to the internet. Its main features including the following:

  •  Regarded as the most economical choice for web hosting for the maintenance cost for the server is divided among the clients.
  •  Account holders (hosts) share the same server’s resources such as CPU and RAM.
  •  Offers considerably more disk space, data transfer, and email accounts than what is needed by people or businesses, resulting to minimal traffic.
  •  Possible server issues are managed by the shared hosting servers.

What are the advantages of FTP in managing files on my shared hosting account?

  •  Connecting to your server is faster and easier with FTP.
  •  FTP lets you upload all your files to the server at once, unlike using the File Manager, which requires you to upload a file one at a time.
  •  Via FTP, you have unlimited access to update and make changes to your web site. With that being affirmed, you can upload and create changes (rename, move, delete and copy), as well as maintain your web site at your leisure in the comfort of your home.
  •  You can archive files and indexes using the FTP File Manager, making your files’ size smaller and easier to deal with
  •  Using your Web browser, you can also create FTP requests to transfer programs selected from a website.

How do you use FTP to manage files on your shared hosting account?

Considered an essential tool in building your website, FTP is also regarded as one of the spines of web hosting. These two important elements could be very useful in improving your own website. With FTP managing computer files, can you utilize File Transfer Protocol to manage your files in your shared hosting account? These steps answer the question posed above:

  •  You have to download the program named FTP client if basic FTP support is not delivered as part of the bundle. But normally, the said file is already part of the package offered by these server providers. It is the client that is responsible for initiating a link between your computer and the hosting server.
  •  You have to fill out the essential boxes once you open your FTP client for instance, your profile name, host name/address, as well as your user ID and password. You will be provided with the FTP client username and password. Being a shared hosting account owner, these are deemed essential for you to be able to connect to the FTP server. The File Transfer Protocol server is typically set by the server manager.
  •  Click the “ok” button once you have completed the necessary boxes as stated above. You can see your computer successfully connecting to the server as you enter. When you can see the files on the right side of the screen, you are nowready to transfer files.
  •  Always keep in mind that the computer files on the left side of your monitor are from your own computer, and the files on the right side of your screen are from the hosting server. You can transfer the files from your computer to the server just by double clicking the file you mean to handover.

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