How much should I pay for managed hosting?

How Much Should I Pay for Managed Hosting?

Small business owners that are creating new websites will need to understand how websites are developed, designed, and maintained. The purpose of this additional knowledge is to minimize costs for the business owner especially when they are starting out in the online marketplace and have a minimal budget.

IT Problems

Fortunately the eventual increase in the number of visitors improves the popularity of these websites. This will result in the need to regularly improve the content as well as the usability of the website by the website owner. The problem with this scenario is that the website owner may become busy selling their products and may ignore specific IT issues of the systems and functions of the website. This is where it is best to make use of managed services so that the regular management, monitoring, and problem resolution of the various systems and functions of the website are efficiently and speedily done.

Managed Service Inclusions

Some of the more common services offered in the managed services are:

  •  Security
  •  Patch management
  •  Alerts
  •  Data backup and recovery

These services are normally done on various client devices such as:

  •  Notebooks
  •  Servers
  •  Desktops
  •  Storage systems
  •  Applications
  •  Networks

The advantage of using managed services is that the IT issues are effectively managed resulting in the website owner having more time to run their business efficiently. Most managed services providers offer the service on a subscription basis, which is dependent on what services are included as well as the number of devices. The value of each offered package is dependent on the level of management services needed by the website owner.

Basic Service to the Complete Package

The cheapest package offered is the basic services since it only include a monitoring service. The purpose of the service is to inform the website owner of any IT issues but this still needs to be resolved by the website owner. The most expensive package is a full website management service which includes an alert sent to the website owner of the initial IT problem until it is resolved.

However, before the website owner can choose a managed service, the provider will have to assess the IT environment of the website as well as the management requirements. The provider will then list what services and service levels can be done for the website. The more comprehensive packages are considered to be more practical for small businesses since they do not normally have an IT resource when compared to larger businesses.

The reasoning behind this is that the website owner may not be technology savvy and can result in being overwhelmed by the increasing complexity of the IT environment. The resulting effect of this is that the website owner will develop technology problems in the future, which can affect the business. An example of this is the loss in revenue and productivity for the website owner if the financial application, e-mail server, or customer relationship management system bogs down.

IT Limitations

The level of managed services are still under the control of the website owner since they are the ones deciding on what needs to be sourced out and what needs to be internally done. The website owner still technically controls all the process and management of the website. The most expensive service package includes onsite trouble shooting services since most of the more reasonably priced services only offer their services remotely. Managed services are offered on a per device and per month basis to the website owner. The reasoning behind this is that website owners do not have the same number of devices due to the different complexity levels of the IT system.

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