Is colocation right for me?

Information technology is an important part in businesses today. Business owners must see to it that whatever infrastructure they have must be able to adapt to a colocation service. As businesses expand, there is always that consideration to outsource hosting services because it can be more beneficial to the business and there is added flexibility.

There are those who are not aware of the things needed for the server colocation process. When you have a server colocation, you have control on your hosting. The server may be bought or you can also have the option to lease it.

For a business to thrive and succeed, regardless of the size – whether you are small, medium, or large, you have to maintain continuity. This is dependent on how you handle data. In light of the calamities that have been happening, securing data and having an efficient retrieval is a must. If your company is not in the IT sector, it is best to outsource storage and maintenance.

Data Center

A data center is a room where servers and other equipment are stored and managed. An in-house data center can be expensive for small and medium businesses for the following reasons:

  •  High capital
  •  Space and equipment requirements are high
  •  Costly personnel expense
  •  High cost in upgrading technology

For these reasons, having an outsourced colocation service can be the most feasible solution.

What is colocation?

Colocation hosting is a type of hosting wherein the data center, servers, and other equipment are placed in a certain location that is outside the company grounds. Each of the equipment are placed inside a wired cage that has a secured locking system.

Why choose colocation?

There are good enough reasons why you should choose colocation:

  •  No worries about capital.
  •  You can increase the space for your equipment.
  •  You can save on the expenses on hiring and training people because maintaining your own staff can be quite expensive.

Who uses colocation?

Any business can make use of colocation services. If you want business continuity and smooth access to data with very less downtime, colocation is for your business. Some of the companies that opt for colocation are the following:

  •  E-commerce businesses
  •  Companies that are not in the IT field
  •  Telecommunication companies

What are the facilities offered by a colocation provider?

Colocation providers offer a space to be leased to customers so that the servers can be housed. The space usually has cabinets that are measured in Rack Units. Bigger spaces are like caged rooms. These can be personalized depending on your requirements.

Colocation Advantages

If you are a small or medium business, you will have a lot to gain by opting for colocation hosting. There is a lot of money that you can save with regard to infrastructure, technology, and manpower. The staff can concentrate on what they must do – and that is to attend to the business side of things.

Data centers can be a good way to recover data that has been lost. If there are calamities that happen and the whole network get affected, the data can be easily retrieved because the colocation provider can create a disaster recovery site so that an alternative mirror site can be generated in just a few minutes.

Connectivity is better if outsourced in a colocation provider. You can save a lot of Internet bills and there is no need to worry about unreliable ISP.

Network security can be improved when you get the services of a colocation provider. You can expect that your firewalls can be update including continuous monitoring for possible hackers and intrusions.

Colocation system has been popular among businesses because of the advantages and the huge savings. Aside from that, a business can be time-efficient as well.

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