Is VPS hosting right for my needs?

Why VPS?

Virtual Private Servers give full control and ownership of resources to the clients, however, clients still share the physical machine or have their virtual own space for their server. Thus VPS is like a merge of the cheap and typical shared hosting servers and the expensive dedicated servers. The first point made in here is that VPS is affordable and will most likely suit the needs of small and medium businesses.
To find out if VPS hosting is right for your needs, you have to look at the features of vps hosting plans.

Needs and Resources from VPS

  •  Price- price of VPS depends on the type of hosting. You can choose either metered, managed or unmetered VPS hosting. Metered vps hosting is specifically the most affordable among the rest for the resources have been set up. Most companies also give money back guarantee for this is somehow their way of building up client’s trust on the service they provide. A2 hosting, for example, allows 30-day money back guarantee. You just have to check what vps hosting companies are willing to offer.
  • Technical Support-Most providers guarantee 24/7 support. If ever your server breaks down, just contact your hosting provider and assist for some techno help.
  • Security Aspects. Hosting providers develop trust from clients by assuring them that their individual VPS servers are secured although multiple clients share the physical machine that operates servers. SSL certificates or known as Secured Socket Layer should appear all throughout transactions to maintain a secure environment to your web applications.
  •  Operating Time. The VPS provided by the VPS hosting companies should be ready to use any time. This means that you can reboot the server without informing your provider or switch the control panel on/off anytime. Companies can offer up to 100% guaranteed uptime servers.
  •  Hardware and Software- The hardware of VPS includes the random access memory, central processing unit, disk space, bandwidth etc. Almost all companies give you the freedom to choose the amount of RAM, data capacity, traffic or type of CPU for who knows the needs of managing websites and servers that operate it but the clients themselves. You only pay for the resources you want to consume. Operating System coincides with the hardware for it dwells into the computer equipment as well as installing software to the system.

VPS Hosting Plan

These are the general pros and cons of VPS hosting plans offered

  •  Virtual Hosts of Apache allows you to host multiple websites.
  •  Through VPS, you can also host FTP servers, mail servers and the like.
  •  Complete root access is allowed which makes configuration of programs possible.
  •  The operating system is all in your hands and you can manage all your hardware resources but you still share the virtual space the resources occupy in the physical server.
  •  Maintenance, configuration, management of security aspects and installation of programs are all in your hands so you need to be more skilled about VPS.

Things to consider in selecting a VPS Hosting Company

Be informed on the type of virtualization of your server. The server can either be in containers like OpenVZ and Virtuozzo containers or hypervisor, otherwise known as virtual machine manager like XEN hypervisor whose features are closely related to dedicated servers. Also, find out the operating system offered by the company. Linux is recommended but you can also opt for Windows and FreeSBD. Companies allow upgrades or expansion of resources. Consult with your hosting provider for the change of hosting plans and prices to accommodate the upgrades of your VPS.
Take note of the hardware resources of your server. Find out the standard rate for resources such as RAM, disk space or CPU. Ask your hosting provider about the number of clients whose individual VPS share the physical server so that you can keep track of possible slow traffic due to users running their applications at the same rate and time.

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