Managed Backup Services

Small-scale and large-scale businesses have to be prepared as early as possible with their data especially if they are just starting out. Beginners can prepare data backup so that you will not encounter difficulties in the future in case you encounter problems.

As long as your business handles data, investing on a data backup is a must. Having a backup or getting managed backup services is very useful for the following reasons:

  •  Human error
  •  Natural disaster
  •  Server crash
  •  Preventing data loss and corruption

Maintaining the integrity of your company’s data means a lot to the success of your business especially if we are looking at it on a long-term basis. A company must implement a reliable backup system where the following can be assured in times of trouble and technical malfunction:

  •  Business continuity
  •  Operation is not paralyzed

Outsourcing Backup Services

Companies and many other businesses today resort to outsourcing services such as managed backup services. This is especially convenient because you no longer have to monitor the backup systems. Aside from that, you have less capital expenditures and more time can be dedicated to the business side of things.

Data is power. Organizations have handle different types of data daily such as the following:

  •  Customer information
  •  Financial records
  •  Inventory
  •  Employee records

There are many other data in a company’s database that need to be protected. When this information is lost, there is a huge financial loss that follows. Information is not just a tool to be used but for some, this is the bread and butter of the business. A hospital with destroyed patient’s records will not be able to carry out the necessary treatment and diagnosis all because a backup was not made. When data is lost, it is lost forever. But when you back it up, you have something to turn to. This is why having a managed backup service is extremely important.

Choosing a Managed Backup Service

External hard drives are often used to backup data. But viruses and worms can affect these external devices. Another downside to the use of external hard drives is the hassle that you have to manually transfer files every now and then. What if there are thousands of files to be transferred? The best solution is to have a managed backup service to do the job for you. Some of the advantages of having an online backup service include:

  •  Automatic file transfer
  •  Safe from viruses
  •  Safekeeping of data
  •  Unlimited storage

There are a lot of companies offering managed backup service with each having different offered features depending on the requirement of a company. If you are planning to outsource, it is important to find the best fit for your needs and budget. Some of the factors involved in determining which managed backup service to acquire will depend on the following:

  •  Cost
  •  Free trial offer
  •  Common features
  •  Security
  •  Bandwidth
  •  Compression
  •  Restoration of files


The functions and features will dictate the cost of a managed backup service. Do not immediately go to the cheapest one that you see. Check what they have to offer before committing to them.

Free Trial

Some companies can offer free trial for their services so that you know what you are subscribing to. Free trial offers come with no strings attached but it is limited only to some features.

Know the Features

Before paying for a managed backup service, it is important to know whether it has the features that you are looking for. Know the functions and determine whether they can be useful for the company.


To keep your data safe, encryption is a must before sending it on the Internet. Options may include using your own encryption key versus using the outsourced company’s encryption.

Bandwidth Needed

Determine the bandwidth that is required so that other systems in the server who are in the same bandwidth will not be affected during backing up of data.

File Restoration

Choose a provider that allows you to restore files at any given time.


Data compression decreases the bandwidth that is eaten up. To help reduce the traffic on your network, choose a managed backup service that offers differential data compression.

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