Managed Database Administration

The critical databases in your business must be secured and managed properly. Database management services can be quite complicated which will require knowledge and training.

What is Database Administration?

Database administration or database management is a system that helps in collecting data. This involves managing and maintaining a database. Companies that use database managing systems have specialized experts called database administrators whose responsibilities are the following:

  •  Database evaluation
  •  Database server update
  •  Maintaining backup Design and implementation
  •  Monitoring performance
  •  Maintaining standards
  •  Capacity planning
  •  Database recovery

Reasons for Outsourcing Database Management

The IT industry is always evolving. Today, database requirements have changed if you compare it from 5 years ago. Every business must go with the changes in IT or else you will be left behind with an old system that may no longer be applicable today. There are a lot of reasons that affect the trend in databases such as:

  •  New apps
  •  Social media
  •  Real-time access to data
  •  Increased volume in data and transactions
  •  Data security
  •  Erratic workloads

If you are thinking of managing your own database, you have to be prepared because this means that you have to keep up with the trend, employ more experts because there is a ratio for every database, and deal with the increasing data for critical apps.

New Requirements for Databases Today

Keeping up with the trend means that you have to improve on your database as well. The following are some of the new requirements:

  •  Improved performance
  •  Faster migration
  •  Faster upgrades to the latest version
  •  Tighter security

These things may cost a lot for a company. If you want to lower the costs incurred in managing your database, you will need to stop building apps but this is not an option. However, a solution for this is to outsource database administration.

Benefits of Managed Database Administration

Firms have realized that they do not have to do everything. Some things are better outsourced so that you can concentrate on running the company and improving the operations. Below are some of the advantages of managed database administration:

  •  Database administration costs have lowered.
  •  The qualities of database services have improved.
  •  People can focus more on the business rather than the technology involved.
  •  No need to add more DBAs.
  •  Databases have become more secured.
  •  Increased productivity.

What to Look For

Quality is the key. Every business wants a quality managed database administration service. It can be quite confusing at first especially if you have been doing it in-house for the longest time. Here are some of the things to be considered if you are going to look for a managed database administrator.

Quality Service

The quality of service is something to check in choosing management services. It is important to know the performance of a company and how they serve new and existing clients. You can research on the feedback of clients to give you an idea before you go in a contract with the company.


A managed database administrator will give you regular updates and what your company may need. Since things are always changing in the IT world, you have to be informed on what is new and what should be done in relation to improving and protecting your data.


This is a very important component in outsourcing a DBA. You have to make sure that the company will be able to protect all your data in from hackers and other negative elements on the Internet. This is something to be strongly considered first before choosing an IT company.


There will always be problems that need troubleshooting and they come randomly. Pick a firm that will be there for you round-the-clock and will guide you every step of the way until the problem is resolved.


Get the best value out of your money by shopping around first. Pick the best offer that you have because the reason why you want to get a third-party company is to be able to save on the costs.

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