Managed Server Monitoring

The Internet is a very useful tool for all of us – and to an extent, we are dependent on it. Today, when we need to look for something and to buy something, we turn to the Internet. After all, the Internet allows us to shop from the comfort of our own homes and have the items delivered right at our doorstep. No matter what time we need to access it, the Internet is always online. With these, more and more businesses today are working on their online presence. They put up business websites and make sure that these are broadcasted to the whole world. If you do not have a website or if it is not functioning properly, this can actually affect your reputation and sales.

By having a quality server monitoring service, you can be sure that you are updated with whatever unlikely event that is happening with your website. There will be regular checks on your site and real-time alerts.

What is a Server Monitoring Service?

A server is a combination of hardware and software that provides services in a network. This service can cater to both private and public Internet users.

A server monitoring service on the other hand is the one responsible for monitoring the operating systems in relation to hardware and operations.

Why Managed Server Monitoring?

A monitoring service can give relevant information about your server and monitor for any interruptions and downtime. Depending on the service provider, here are some of the things that you can monitor:

  •  MySQL
  •  Capacity of drive
  •  Availability of host
  •  Availability of site
  •  Memory usage

There are a lot of reasons why you should get a managed server monitoring service. For one, you cannot monitor your site 24/7 without any help from others. The uptime of a website is extremely important because success will depend from there. By outsourcing a company who can manage your server and monitor it all the time, you can achieve the following:

  •  Reduced downtime
  •  Improving overall customer service
  •  Improved and increased site revenue
  •  Improve load times for pages
  •  Correction on errors are done quickly
  •  Convenience
  •  Save on upfront fees

Features of Managed Server Monitoring

There are a lot of performance indicators and checks that can be monitored for a single server. It all depends on your needs and what you are looking for that is best for your business.

Service availability and health monitoring

This is where the third-party service will monitor your server and other metrics involved such as the following:

  •  Server Connectivity – checks by SNMP pings are made at certain intervals.
  •  CPU utilization – scans are made at intervals and you will get an alarm when the usage is above normal.
  •  RAM utilization – just like CPU utilization, RAM scans are also made at intervals and will alarm at a set percentage of usage.
  •  Disk space utilization – this is to monitor how much disk space has already been used.
  •  OS Patch monitoring – checked whether you have an updated OS.

You can also set a custom alarm where a threshold is set in the monitoring system. Once the limit has been reached, you will be sent an alert. Some monitoring systems can be customized so that the alerts are sent to the responsible team members.

Immediate Response

A good server monitoring service will take immediate action when a trigger alerts. It is important to find the issue right away and you, as the uptime is everything in an online business.

Today, server dependability is very important. By being able to monitor the servers in real-time, problems can be addressed immediately so that service and reliability are improved.

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