Managed Server Security Services

Some new website owners are proficient enough to handle the daily operations of their websites as well as maintaining the basic software applications. This includes software:

  •  Installation
  •  Configuration
  •  Regular Updates

Unfortunately, some crucial maintenance can often be ignored by the new website owner, which includes:

  •  Firewall and SSL configuration
  •  Server debugging and problem analysis
  •  Web and database server configuration

The problem is that these are considered to be specialist maintenance problems and that a website owner not familiar with the more complex programming codes will have a hard time configuring these applications in the future. A crucial question that is often asked of business website owners is if they have a firewall or a good security software to prevent the malicious actions by hackers.

Presence of Firewalls

Some website owners believe that they have a firewall but do not have the skill to protect the other security loopholes in their business websites. The reason behind this is that most hackers targets the website content instead of the firewall. This is easily done after they have breached the website firewall as a legitimate website visitor. Most business website owners will need to open some ports in order to do business transactions between a legitimate visitor and the website such as transaction payments or the ordering cart.

However, most website owners only have a minimal knowledge with regards to these crucial topics and can result in operational problems in case the business website is hacked. The business website owner will therefore have to spend a significant amount of cash to not only rebuild their crucial databases but also to prevent further damage to their website security. An additional problem is that if the business website is compromised, then most of the potential buyers will choose to purchase from a more secure business website instead.

This is because website security is the most basic topic of concern by potential buyers especially if they have to reveal important financial information such as credit card numbers as well as other personal information. It is best to remember that some hackers can cause additional financial problems to valued customers by purchasing items from the valued owner’s account. Therefore, in order to minimize these potential problems it is best to make use of managed server security services.

What is Managed Server Security Services?

The development of this new service is due to the fact that some hackers are becoming more sophisticated when doing their website attacks. This is true for both small and large enterprises especially if the website owners are not familiar with the vulnerable spots in their websites. Even though the most vulnerable websites are those that make use of shared hosting, hackers are also able to hack into dedicated and virtual private servers. The reason for this is that some website owners are not regularly and diligently updating the security of their websites and thus resulting in an increased danger of being maliciously attacked.

What is Included?

The most common question that runs through the mind of a new website owner is what are included in managed server security services? The following features included are:

  •  Access control or management
  •  File integrity monitor daemon (FIMD)
  •  Real enterprise log management (RELM)
  •  Professional security consultation

Access control or management includes the configuration and application of IP control at the server level. The purpose of this is to only allow access entry in specific IP’s and ports using a series of authentication mechanisms.

A professional security consultation is offered to website owners planning to have their server security managed by their website provider. This consultation will analyze the existing web server environment and to suggest some required configuration modifications. But its main benefit is that the website provider will respond to website attacks in order to preserve the integrity of the owner’s website.

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