What are the benefits of colocation?

A good business must have a good hosting service as well especially if you are aiming to have a lot of traffic on your site. A colocation hosting provider is the best type of hosting for this type of goal. With this type of hosting, you will be able to enjoy the following:

  •  Convenience in bandwidth allocation
  •  Safety of data
  •  Protection from malware attacks
  •  High quality construction
  •  Huge savings

What is colocation hosting?

Colocation is a type of hosting that is for any type of business. You do not have to resort to very high capital investments. With colocation, equipment is stored in a cabinet in a secure location with the following features:

  •  Public IP address
  •  Bandwidth
  •  Power supply

Colocation centers are powered by electricity and they have generators or uninterrupted power supply. This is for protection in case there are power interruptions. The generators are run by batteries or by diesel engines. Some locations of data centers are the following:

  •  Los Angeles
  •  San Francisco
  •  Chicago
  •  New Jersey
  •  New York

The colocation system is used by companies who want to cut down on their expenses and save a lot of time. Since the servers are housed in a secure location, there is less worry and the employees can attend and focus on the business operations to deliver efficient work output.

Major Clients of Colocation

  •  E-commerce companies that want an environment that is safe and cost-effective at the same time.
  •  Big companies that use the facility as backup in case of disasters.
  •  IT-related companies.
  •  Telecommunications companies

Features of a Colocation Facility

A building that contains data centers in them will need a lot of cooling equipment outside it. The following are the characteristics that are usually seen in a facility:

  •  Electrical ground that has a low impedance
  •  Active and passive fire protection systems
  •  Implementation of fire programs
  •  Smoke detectors
  •  Manual fire suppressors
  •  Sprinkler systems
  •  Racks for computing equipment and servers
  •  Cabinets
  •  Cages
  •  Cable racks – may be overhead or under
  •  Air conditioning system to control the temperature
  •  Windows may or may not be present


Colocation centers have high levels of security in the physical aspect. They also have security guards that are specially trained for even the most extreme cases of terrorism. There may also be CCTVs in the facility to better enhance the security.

There are other security measures that are implemented by the colocation facility to ensure data integrity and safety. Though not all facilities have the same practices, here are some of the additional physical security measures that you may encounter:

  •  Using a PIN code or card access
  •  Escorting customers to their cabinets
  •  Use of biometrics


Colocation facilities are equipped with a backup power and a backup of that backup just in case there is a lengthy power interruption. They also have a stock of diesel fuel for the generator sets.

Battery backup systems or UPS are also present in the facilities because the generators do not run right after the power interruption. There are also colocation facilities that are connection to the power grid as an additional backup.

Colocation Hosting: The Good

  •  Room temperatures are controlled
  •  Control over your own server
  •  Can run servers even during power outages
  •  Safe and secure location of servers
  •  Increased speed on accessing servers and websites
  •  Lesser expenses on bandwidth
  •  Business location transfer is not a problem
  •  Upgrades are easy

Colocation Hosting: The Bad

  •  Initial costs may be high
  •  Costs higher than normal web hosting
  •  Data center may be hard to find
  •  May need to buy own equipment
  •  Server maintenance is done at the facility

Taking all of these into consideration, colocation hosting is still a good choice for all kinds of businesses that are requiring space and power.

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