What control panels do shared hosts offer?

Web hosting service providers include control panels in the web hosts for the benefit of the customers. Having a control panel would greatly reduce setup time and help in site management. Without this feature, you would have to install additional security programs to make sure that your data is safe. So, if you want a hassle-free web host, you must make sure that your shared hosting service provider offers a built-in control panel in the web host they provide.

What is a web hosting control panel?

A control panel is a web host feature that allows you to manage all the facets of your web hosting account. This is an easy-to-use tool that is used by many service providers. If your shared host has a control panel, you can use it to simultaneously manage multiple accounts, websites, domain names and programs. You have all the control you need to customize your website. It also means that you no longer have to install any other software for security or site maintenance. The control panel handles that for you. On top of that, some control panels even offer additional applications for site optimization. Basically, it is an all-around tool that can be very useful in maintaining your website. A control panel gives you access to the following:

  •  Web server logs
  •  Email account configuration
  •  Details of remaining and used memory
  •  Details of used bandwidth
  •  Visitor statistics through an analysis software
  •  Web traffic
  •  Pre-installed file manager.

These data are important for some users as it gives them an idea as to how their website is doing. This is especially important to business websites who require a great deal of website traffic every day as an assurance that their business is expanding.

Why do I need a control panel?

Control panels are useful for a number of reasons. The following items are some of them.

  •  Convenience. These control panels include various features that can help you do your task with much ease.
  •  Easy file management. Service providers allow you to upload and download files on your website. They also allow you to create different folders or directories to easily manage your files. Using a control panel, you can save both time and energy as it provides features that can help you manage your files much easier than doing it manually.
  •  Provides you access to important data regarding your website (e. g. web traffic, visitors, browser used by visitors)
  •  Increased security.
  •  Additional applications. Many service providers offer supplementary options for your website. These applications can aid you for better site monitoring and optimization. Examples of applications that can be accessed through the control panel are the following:
  1.  Customer Support Programs
  2.  Content Management Systems
  3.  Blogs
  4.  Polls and Surveys
  5.  Calendars
  6.  Website builders
  7.  Discussion boards

What are the primary functions of a control panel?

There are different types of control panels in the market today. You may think that these control panels offer different features depending on which company offers them. While that may be true, there are still tasks that you can always do when using a control panel. Here is the list of such tasks:

  •  Setting up and monitoring email accounts and FTP accounts
  •  Adding and deleting domains
  •  Managing several domains
  •  Checking website traffic
  •  Uploading files
  •  Accessing details regarding memory storage and bandwidth usage
  •  Website backup

What are the popular brands of control panels that shared hosts offer?

There are certain web hosts that customize their own control panels. Others just use the standard control panels available. Nowadays, different types of control panels are available in the market. These control panels can either be free or paid, based on its specifications and brand. The following are some brands of control panels that most shared hosts offer:

  1.  Plesk
  2.  cPanel
  3.  ZPanel
  4.  OpenPanel
  5.  ISPConfig

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