What features should I look for in a VPS hosting provider?

With VPS Hosting, clients are able to manage their website applications efficiently since VPS functions both as shared and dedicated servers. The aspects of a shared server is incorporated in VPS Hosting by allowing clients to use multiple servers while the aspects of dedicated server in the VPS Hosting lies in the fact that each client are provided an apparent match in the use of the services, features and the configuration of the servers.

The price for VPS Hosting is slightly greater than shared hosting but affordable if compared to dedicated servers. The payment that you give is somehow well-spent since VPS solves the conflicts that may arise in choosing either shared or dedicated server since it merges functions of the two to the services its servers offer.
What’s more interesting of VPS Hosting is that most of VPS hosting companies permit their clients to choose the features they want to purchase and include in the functions of their servers.

Features of VPS Hosting provider

An example of the features is taken from the A2 Hosting.

  •  Disk Space- you can choose the amount of space in gigabytes from the minimum space of 10GB that costs 4.00$ up to a maximum space of 250GB that costs 120.00$.
  •  CPU- One can also choose the type of CPU of the servers. You can choose from standard, performance or extreme that costs 25.00$.
  •  Operating System-You are also given choices of Operating System like Fedora 16, Gentoo 2011, Ubuntu 10.04 etc. which will help you dwell on the hardware aspects of your computer system.
  •  Bandwidth- You can also adjust the bandwidth or the traffic that your servers can handle. The minimum bandwidth is 200GB that costs 2.99$ and maximum bandwidth of 1600GB that costs 15.99$.
  •  RAM- The amount of Random Access Memory also depends on you. You can choose from 512MB that costs 8.00$ up to 4096MB that costs 24.00$
  •  Servers- A2 Hosting gives you the freedom to choose your servers like Standard Storage or SSD storage in USA that costs about 5.00$ or Europe-based standard storage that costs 3.00$.

Other services

  • There is a 30-day guarantee of reimbursement if you decide not to continue with VPS Hosting of A2.
  •  A2QuickInstaller- This will help you install the developer tools to enhance your VPS servers.

Most companies will offer unlimited bandwidth and disk space and an assurance of reimbursement. You should first look at these basic features to measure the reliability and efficiency of your chosen hosting provider. To make your search for the VPS hosting company with the best features easier, here is some of the list of the top VPS providers.

  1.  Inmotion hosting company equip the hosting services with RAM of 512MB, data transfer of 750GB and disk space of 40GB at a monthly payment of 29.95$. The VPS Hosting servers of the company function more as dedicated server and so clients will find at reach several features to their own use.
  2.  HostV Web has been successful in their service of VPS Hosting which made it lead as one of the best VPS hosting company. The company provides 75GB disk space, 512MB of RAM and the physical machine is housed in Virtuozzo containers. There’s also full support assured from the technical team of the company if you need help. You are also given the ultimate control of your servers.
  3.  VPSNET is a hosting company that provides 1128MB of random access memory, disk space of 30GB and data transfer of 3TB that can ask from you a total of 53.00$ as a monthly payment. The company permits a complete root access and the configuration of the amount of RAM or choice of CPU to meet the client’s needs.
  4.  LiquidWeb offers features such as RAM of 384 MB, data transfer of 400GB and disk space of 20GB that will ask a monthly payment of 50$.

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