What is VPS Hosting?

If you’re still in the verge of starting your business online then you can opt for VPS Hosting. VPS Hosting is otherwise known as Virtual Private Server. Through VPS Hosting, you are provided physical server machine only for the use of your business or company. Like webhosting companies, there are VPS Hosting companies that offer services and also give you the freedom to choose the features of your server.
You can still use VPS Hosting even if you have agreed on a webhosting package. That is if there are some aspects of your online business that you want to take control of. Thus, Virtual Private Servers, as its name says, give you the consent as the private owner to manage specific applications or accounting programs for your small to medium business, and administer some configurations in your websites.

Resources of VPS Hosting

  •  The VPS Hosting services include an administrational access of IP addresses.
  •  You are also provided your own CPU.
  •  You are given an expanded RAM or Random Access Memory. This means that you’ll have an enlarged data capacity.
  •  You have nothing to worry about the bandwidth or traffic of the website you host for your websites will load in a fast and equitable time.
  •  You can manage your own server applications and take control in installing, configuring, or customizing its functions.
  •  The best thing about VPS Hosting is that most companies that offer this service give you the choice of what amount of disk space, data transfer or RAM to use and so you only pay for the choices of features you make.

Functions of VPS hosting

In a shared server, a single server can be used by several clients to run their applications. Due to many users of the servers, there is a possibility of applications not working properly because other users are using too much of RAM or random access memory, traffic for their data, cycles of CPU etc. Dedicated server on the other hand assigns one server for each client. The webhosting company manages the hardware of your server while you handle the software. Since, clients will have their own server to manage; the acquisition cost of this server is also higher than that of shared hosting. VPS Hosting is like the merge of shared and dedicated hosting. VPS Hosting provides several servers that perform to meet the needs of each client but also allows the individual clients to work on the configuration and administration options of their servers on their own. This means that the clients have an equal share of the service given by the servers.

VPS Hosting Machines

There are two ways for you to acquire physical machines of VPS.


In each of virtual private servers, there are separate user spaces or containers. It has a more defined operating system that allows you to dwell in the equipment and computer system of your server. Examples of virtualization containers are Open VZ and Parallels Virtuozzo.
Here are the sample features of Virtuozzo containers:

  •  The CPU and RAM are shared.
  •  Does not allow the owner to configure the firewall.
  •  No independent kernel.
  •  No complete root access.
  •  There is an in-charged OS support


This method is what commonly known as Virtual Machine Manager. The running of several Operating Systems in one VPS machine is possible since the resources of the server are administered by the virtual machine manager or the hypervisor. Some of the virtualization hypervisors are KVM, VMware ESX, Microsoft Hyper-V and XEN.
Here are the sample features of XEN.

  •  There is a dedicated RAM and CPU.
  •  Configuration of the firewall is allowed.
  •  There is an independent kernel.
  •  Complete root access.
  •  Ultimate OS support.

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