What technical features should I expect from a shared host?

The importance of websites for business ad advertisement purposes is detrimental in the success of companies no matter how small or big. This is because websites provide a wide scope of reach to a substantially wider demographic audience and are alternatively, cheaper than manual advertising methods such as flyers, commercials, or billboards.
Because of websites ability at search engine optimization, not only is this method of advertising more widely placed but it can also link the site to your target audience. There are many methods available in creating a website; one of the first decisions you have to make is your server choice.

Website Servers:

When you begin creating your website, you will have server choices, these will include:

  1.  Shared hosting –this is the standard issue by web hosts and comes with the initial sign up. After registering your domain name and paying for domain registration (which will usually be free for the first year; you will be redirected to begin building through a website builder. Your site will be on a shared server where all accounts with the web host go. Shared servers will usually offer an amount of space that comes with the standard issuance of the website and tis registration.
  2.  Essential hosting –essential hosting still comes in the form of a shared server, but with significantly fewer websites operating within it. From your shared hosting account, you can upgrade to essential though it is advised that you first determine whether the space and provisions in a shared host is not enough as an upgrade can be expensive. Having fewer hosts in a server will significantly improve site quality and navigation.
  3.  Dedicated hosting – a dedicated host is having server exclusivity specifically for you and your site. With this form of hosting you will have your own IP address which provides you independence from your webhost and freedom to install what you want. A dedicated host is the best choice for people with multiple domains as with a dedicated server, you will be able to host as many domains as you need or want.

Shared Host Inclusions:

The aspect of being cost effective is vital if you are just getting started, it is better to start out with the standard option as you will always have the option to upgrade later anyway.

  1.  Administration – when you are allowed to add administrators to help you in the creation and management of your site.
  2.  cPanel provision – the central function of a site, where all navigation and categories go through. Like a home button.
  3.  A better feature consistency will be required.
  4.  A shared host will have standard security, site management, server installation, technical support and such.

Technical Service Provisions:

  1.  MySQL Databases – the provision of MySQL databases is a means at managing all other databases in the site that are within this database.
  2.  Backup and restore – not all web hosts will have a restore option; but they all will have a backup option available for you at a price and can be customizable to specific dates or times when it can automatically backup your files.
  3.  Technical support – all web hosts have technical support in one form or another, the most common is providing online chat support, as well as through phone or e-mail. Some web hosts will have 24/7 support while others only use specific times.
  4.  Money back guarantee – a money back guarantee is also available from every web host, though you will need to query about how long this guarantee lasts as well as a web hosts reputation for possible locking in.

Advantages of a Shared Host:

  1.  Cheaper
  2.  Access to the same services as other hosting options

Disadvantages of a Shared Host:

  1.  Site quality may be affected
  2.  Site and response speed may also be affected.

In order to properly choose a host you will need to consider, first of all, what you will need form a site, the amount of space and features that you can use and what features you will not necessarily need. Weighing options based on your needs versus the web hosts provisions is the best way to get the right quality for your money.

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