Improve Your Referral Traffic This 2015 With Pinterest

Improve Your Referral Traffic This 2015 With Pinterest

A few ages ago, people were into content-bombarding states in order to increase traffic. In addition, some people would also spend a reasonable amount on advertising, still in the hope to increase traffic in their websites. Investing into these methods is still effective considering if you have all the resources you need. However, such ways have already lost their touch somehow. Not a lot of people would try to press that little advertisement that you spent for these days. Instead, they are more caught up in spending endless hours on social media and social networking sites.


Yes, when we say social media, most people would often refer to Facebook and Twitter.  However, you must know that these are not the only social media ever invented in the web wide world. A lot of marketers have put on a lot of focus on Facebook and Twitter as an advertising media. Because of this, people  ay be thinking that they are gaining traffic, but the truth is,they may be missing traffic that should have been for their website to begin with.

Introducing, a new way of surfing through the huge waves of social media, Pinterest! Pinterest all started to write and post about women and women empowerment. However, since men has the fastest-growing demographic among other users, Pinterest catered and tended to their social networking needs as well. As a result, they have proven worthy of the attention that they are receiving from social media users. Believe it or not, Pinterest has surpassed Twitter’s popularity just recently. In connection to this, the unique platform that Pinterest offers to its users is also gaining popularity. Bot only is it considered to be popular for the users, it also serves a specific purpose. It has become a useful tool in gaining or bringing in traffic three times better and more effective compared to other social media like Youtube, Google Plus and the likes. This is not a simple hearsay. These results cane from Shareaholic’s Q3 2014 Social Media Traffic Report.


These stats weren’t that way just for some random reasons. Pinterest have soared high compared to the past few years because of its efficiency and appeal, both to the users and viewers. Gone were the days that people were mainly focused on textual appeal – improving font styles, deciding on the most appropriate font size and color, etc. Nowadays, people over the internet are more drawn to high-quality visuals – both for images and videos. When people incorporate images or any visual representations of whatever they are writing about, the viewers and readers find it easier to process information more easily and more quickly. People find it more interesting when there are images presented, and thus, they tend to engage more on the article or the website. For this, we all know that the more engagement you receive from your readers, viewers, and visitors, the more advantageous it is for your website, most especially to your referral traffic.

Setting up your Pinterest Account


Just like any other normal social media, you will need to register in order to have an account. With this being said, you are given countless choices which other social media you can use in registering. You can either use your email address, Facebook, or Twitter account profiles. Make sure to register your business as your username. Do not hesitate to comply with the empty fields and input the right information needed. Thus being said, do not hesitate to include you company logo, you company description, and your website URL. This will make your information be easily accessible to everyone in case some of your viewers and readers want to contact or stay in touch with you.

In setting up your profile name, do not forget to be more specific by using your business name and by adding a specific key word that will make it more easier to categorize or search online. So if you have a patisserie named “Buttercup”, you can use “Buttercup Patisserie” as your profile or username. Once you have decided on the most appropriate username or profile name to your business, you should definitely fill out the information needed in the About Section. Another tip, do not hesitate to include your URL in the field of “Visit our website for more information.”  This will give the viewers and visitors a chance to get to know your business more. Lastly, never forget to verify your account. By doing so, this will legitimize your account registrations. The sooner it gets verified, the better. Verification of account will result for your account to show up in search engine results.

For the next step, make boards for your content. Publishing your website’s content is very essential in keeping up with your referral traffic. For some reason, your contents are uncategorized the ones already given, just make a new board for your respective categories. Do not forget to label the new boards of category. This will make it easier for your viewers and readers to filter information in accordance to their interests. In addition, you can also add different keywords on your boards. Just make sure the boards created perfectly fits and compliments your business. Otherwise, you will just leave confusion among your visitors and readers.

Different Strategies to Gain Referral Traffic From Pinterest

  1. Make sure that the “Pin It” button is available and can be seen in your website.

pin-itJust fill the information needed in the get the Pin It button from Pinterest. After doing do, you will have different choices on images and designs of Pin It buttons. Add the Pin It button immediately after you generate the code for the widget. If you make your Pin It available for your viewers and readers, this means that you allow them to post something from your Pinterest account onto their own accounts. Let’s say they try to Pin one of your articles on their Pinterest profile accounts, chances are their followers will be able to see and read them too. This wills serve as a book mark or some sort of a visual reminder that will allow your viewers and readers to pin images and other contents from your site. With this being said, you will surely increase your referral traffic via their accounts.

  1. Optimize your Content

As we have discussed above, people nowadays are more fascinated with fancy and high-quality photos and videos. Thus being said, you need to optimize your visual content in your profile. In Pinterest, they try to entice people to join the Pinteresting fever by luring them in with great visuals.

Here are some tips on how you can improve and optimize your visuals:

  • Directly pin videos on Pinterest.
  • Do not forget to apply or put watermarks on your photos.
  • Aiming for tall videos than having them wide is better. Therefore, use the 2:3 ratio for your uploaded images or photos.
  • You can transform the mostly repined images into infographics. This will give out more information to your readers and viewers.
  • Avoid giving your readers the feeling that you are opting to share your selfies with them. You have Instagram for that. Avoid using real faces in your photos. Yes, you may use some parts of the face to make up a point, or something like that. But please, not a selfie.
  • Use dominant colors for your images. If you want to go bold, then go bold, if you want pastels, then use pastel colors. Just make sure that you consistently use all through out the image.
  • You can also use PicMonkey in order to optimize the quality of the template of tour photos.

  1. Do not hesitate to include your website link in your Pinterest account

By using Pinterest, you have the option to relay images back to its original website, or your website in order to do this, you should edit source of the image in the pin. This option applies to all of the photos and images you have pinned in your Pinterest profile. If you change the source of the image you have uploaded, this image will direct your viewers, readers, and followers to your webpage once they click on the image.

  1. Reaching out to your followers

Who says you need to be Jesus in order to have followers? Pinterest will allow you to have as many followers you can get. However, the real challenge here is how to engage with your followers in order for to keep their interest on your Pinterest account. Well, the obvious answer is to regularly keep on pinning! One thing that followers hate is a dead account. Make sure that keep on pining contents that are relevant and useful to your website or business. These pins will appera on your followers’ feeds. If they find your pin interesting, then they will definitely repin it. Don’t take it too personally though, it is totally normal that only a few people would repin your current pin. Just make sure that you a uploaded a note-worthy pin with a good image attached to it.

In addition, you could also check your newsfeed in order to check what your followers are up to. Feel free to repin your followers post. This may be a useful strategy too. Once they see that you have repined there pins, they might notice you and try returning the favor by viewing your pins and trying to repin them too.

If you have an idea circling around your mind, do not hesitate to post a comment about it on your follower’s comment box. Once you have established a sort of mutual understanding and an implied trust with each other, be hold enough to leave out a link to your webpage, however, just be careful with this one. People might be thinking that you are spamming their posts. Take not that you should only leave a link in their comment box if and only if the fields of both businesses are related ti each other.

  1. Create events or Contests

What more fun way to stir up your followers’ attention by creating an event or organizing a mini contest in your Pinterest profile? Events and contests are one of the methods wherein you could attract more engagement from your followers, and thus, gaining traffic on the process. I have seen a lot of contests in Facebook, giving out prices like iPhones, just to like and visit their page, as well as visit their website. At first, I thought that people out there are just kind enough to give out freebies over the internet with the reach of million people scattered around the globe! Now that I am years older, hopefully wiser, and more informed about how the online world works, I just realized that this could be a perfect scheme to increase traffic in your website. After all, there id a reason why people love the lottery. They are so accustomed in winning something with a really great value considering the fact that they only get to invest a little amount of money. Same goes over the internet. People would love to win huge prices with only investing a small amount of effort by visiting the website and liking their page. Since this requires monetary transactions or giving away something, just make sure that you read on the Pinterest’s guidelines on hosting such events and contests.

In order to improve your products, you must create a contest that is strictly connected to your business. You can start by announcing and promoting the contest from your email list, other social networking sites, and website visitors, create the contest name after your business. This will make the contest easier to access through results ins earch engines. Make sure to encourage participants to interact in the contest by allowing them to like their favourite product and leave a comment why they like it. You can give the price to one or more participants – depending on your budget, being able to post the best comments. Just do not forget to make a clear and concise instructions about the guidelines in order to avoid confusions and turmoil in the end.

  1. Take advantage of Rich Pins

This is a special feature exclusively seen and used in Pinterest. rich pins are used to let businessmen input as much details about the pinned image as possible. It will automatically show the price of the product and has the direct link to the website page. More importantly, rich pins will send notifications into your email address that will let you know if the prices of your products dropped or went higher. Online sellers use rich pins in order to drive traffic back to their original website page.

So make sure that you work it well with Pinterest. It is a powerful tool to use in order to improve your business’ website. If you het it right with Pinterest, you will surely see your traffic soaring high!

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