Intuit Website Creator

Intuit Website Creator

Even small businesses need a competitive and professional website. Intuit Website Creator is the solution. The entire design process is divided into three steps, an easy-to-understand navigation and an awesome interface. Its aim is to improve and make the lives of web designers easier. In business, you have other things to worry about and it would be a big help if your website will be the least of your worries.


As I was saying, Intuit Website Creator has broken down the process into three easy steps. First, you get to select from the two thousand incredibly designed templates. Yes! You read it right, 2000 templates! And when you start customizing it, you can add your logo and text, you can use your own graphics or take advantage of 250 000 free images. Users were really impressed about it and some said that this one is way better than other softwares.

You probably heard about the drag and drop functionality, Intuit Website Creator has that since users find that very useful. You do not need HTML programming. But you can still add Flash, animation, audio, and videos on any of your site pages. This will make your site more interactive and modern. Intuit Website Creator has a thumbnail creator which allows you to create small images or thumbnails that you can put on your site or gallery and will enlarge itself when you click it. Thumbnails are useful when you’re saving space or you do not have a space to display large photos.

It also has built-in photo editor that allows you crop, resize, and compress phots directly in the software. And when you resize a photo,let’s say you want to enlarge it, it won’t look distorted or pixelized at all.

Based on customer’s feedback, some were able to complete a website in less than an hour. That’s how easy to use Intuit Website Creator. Even first time users and amateur web designers won’t have a hard time with this one. It is not cluttered, it’s simple, and is very user-friendly. Whether you are a tech-savvy or not, this application is really designed for all types of users.

Intuit Website developers provide help and support to its users. Aside from informative product guides and user forums, you’ll also find a FAQs section that gives sales, technical, and general FAQs. It also has searchable help section that can be accessed directly in the software along with step by step instructions on how to use various features and functionalities.

When you are ready to publish your website, just a single click and you are good to go. And just in case you have to make changes, you can simply make adjustments, add content, and then update it immediately.


For some reasons, this software lacks few minor features that some users would love to see like support for automatic page naming, scripting languages, and a spell-checker. I understand that we could have just read the whole thing to check the spelling but it could have been easier if it will notify you right? These are minor stuff and should not be a hindrance in building your website.


Intuit Website Creator is one of the most intuitive design applications I’ve ever seen. It lives by its name. It has high quality even if it is intended for small businesses and average consumers. Users can take advantage of the compelling add-ons and it is very easy to upgrade or downgrade to another package anytime. Intuit Website Creator will be a perfect option. You will surely have a professional website with a little money and less time.

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