Less is More – 10 Minimalistic Website Designs and Concepts

Less is More – 10 Minimalistic Website Designs and Concepts

Some websites choose to have a more complex, bold look that’s loaded with graphics and text. It does look attractive and effective, but some web designers and website owners opt to have a simpler website. They’re thinking this could deliver information more effectively. A minimalistic web design can surely achieve that goal while retaining creativity.

It’s amazing how web designers make use of minimalism but still manage to make their websites effective. There are a lot of ways to create a minimalistic web design. In this article, we’re going to show you some of the latest trends and concepts that you can use to create a minimalistic web design.



Instead of complex designs, you might want to consider using a design with wide negative spaces. This looks minimal and highlights the relevant contents of your site. What’s more, it looks clean and light. Whitespace makes the website easier and more pleasant to the eyes of the readers. It also makes the content clearer and memorable. It makes a design minimalist to a significantly large extent.

Text Navigations

It’s much simpler and easier if you won’t see any images or other stuff apart from text for its navigation bars. Other designs would have some effects for navigation, but this particular style is so simple that you would only see text for the website. Some use this with navigations horizontally placed, while others use a vertical format. It would surely look simple no matter what layout is used. This is one of those trends that don’t really complicate things in order to guide visitors in navigating your site.

Single-Page Layout

A single-page layout is applicable if you don’t have much to say and if you think a short information is just enough to get your readers’ attention. If you don’t really have a lot of things to place there, then you should opt for a single-page website. Don’t waste a lot of pages if you can make it effective in just a single page. If you’re afraid to discourage readers, it actually won’t. Don’t hesitate in creating a single-page website because oftentimes, it’s more effective.

Beautiful Typography

Sometimes, the use of type is also effective. You don’t need to place graphics because type will do the trick. Use it creatively and you’ll surely get a unique web layout. Typography has definitely gone a long way and its usage has fascinated a lot of people that it became a trend in web design. Make sure to use unique fonts so that your design will look interesting. There are a lot of font types to choose from. You can even create one for yourself. Use huge type for your designs or use typography art in creating some images.

Minimal Use of Colors

You really don’t have to use a lot of colors in your design. Minimal colors can still do a great job. Some even use muted colors. There are times when simple designs with fewer colors look more eye-catching. It just depends on how you make your layout. You can apply some colors on the most important parts of your site such as the headers, navigations, and others.

Gray Palette

A lot of minimalists use the color gray in their designs. This color scheme is effective when used as background, in texts, in images, and to all other aspects of the design. Gray websites are usually minimalistic as they use only a few colors to match with it, along with using large whitespaces. It can be used to accentuate your typography, a background to your image, or to the entire website.


You can also opt to highlight images in your design and use lesser text. The adage that a picture paints a thousand words is indeed true. Even if you use only a single image, it can already tell readers what you want them to know. Make sure you pick the right image that will fit the topic and theme for your site. There are lots of ways for you to use graphics in designing. Whatever way you use it, it will surely captivate your audience.

Simple Grid Layout

Although it’s not entirely minimalist in nature, it can still be used for a minimal design. Grid layouts make your design appear clutter-free. It makes things look well-organized, giving it a simple and clean look and feel. You can use it for images with the same size and organize those with different sizes. Combine it with whitespace to make it look pleasing to the eyes. It can also make things less complicated.

Minimalist Creative

Being minimalistic doesn’t mean you have to give up on being creative. In fact, you need to be more creative because you need to give a great appeal despite being a minimalist in your designs. There are various ways to show your creativity. Try experimenting with layouts and placements of navigation bars. You can play with minimal colors and typography, as well.

Extreme Minimalism

Some web designers go the extra mile when it comes to being minimalistic. They use short words and just one or two colors. It’s very simple that it would surely load fast and the readers could immediately see the website. It provides a great user experience because readers won’t wait for a long time in order to see what the site is about. Some would really appreciate its being straightforward and focused on content.

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