Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy explains on how WEBHOSTINGJAM will use all the personal information that you will provide. It explains the options available for your personal information that can be tailored-fit to your preferences. It also briefly describes the options necessary for the accessibility and the updates of your personal details.

How do we obtain your personal details?

We gather personal information like name and e-mail address. When you post a review or subscribe to WEBHOSTINGJAM, you will be prompted first to a page where you have to fill in your name and e-mail address first. Well, we also collect information like the IP-address.

How do we use your personal information?

We make use of the collected personal information for several things: (1) for responding to requests, questions, and concerns, (2) to allow you to post reviews or to post comments in our site, and (3) for the improvement of our website and our over-all marketing efforts.

What kind of emails will you receive from us?

Once you make use of our service, the only emails that we send our confirmation emails and registration emails. We are steer-clear that we do not send marketing or promotional emails. Confirmation and registration email can be opted-out. To know more about this, kindly forward your inquiries to [email protected]

Do we use third parties for any sort of information?

We actually use third party information for our marketing data. We mix it with our available data so we will be able to come up with better advertisements and promotions for our goods and services.

Do we give your information to third parties?

In general, we will not share your personal information or sell it to other parties. However, there are valid circumstances wherein we have to disclose your personal details. Here are the following reasons why:

  • Required by the law, e.g. a subpoena or any legal process
  • Required by the government
  • We think that opening up your information to the public is essential to protect our rights, our safety and the safety of our other clients or to investigate fraud and other criminal acts.
  • If and when we are involved in a merger. However, you will be notified beforehand if ever we will undergo in any merger or company acquisition. We will post a prominent notice in our website for any changes that may happen. We will also send you notifications to the email address that you have provided.

Do we place tracking technologies in your computer?

As a matter of fact, we actually do. This is to ensure that we are updated with your current preferences. We use these tracking technologies to obtain data for general usage and any volume of statistical data that do not include your personal details. It is also important to know that we actually use third parties to place cookies on your computer.

Aside from cookies, we also use other technologies like web beacons and links to other websites. We use web beacons alongside with cookies so as to properly collect the needed statistics for our website. These two tracking technologies also provide us the needed information regarding if our emails have already been opened by the recipients. Meanwhile, we actually have links in our website that do not belong to our company. Take in mind that the links may have a different privacy statement from us. We highly encourage you to read the privacy policies in any website that you will visit to avoid any issues or problems.

Do we provide security measures for your personal details?

Since your personal details are very precious, we want to let you know that we are doing our best to secure and to protect it. Our company follows standard protocols for the safekeeping of your information. However, no methods have been developed that could guarantee 100% protection from circumstances such as leakage of information and hacking. For this, we cannot promise you a fool-proof security. If you are concerned with this issue, please send your inquiry to [email protected]

Additional Policies

Our company has blogs and chat forums. Any information that provide in this area may be collected and used by other people who can also access them.

Updating your information

To ensure that your information is correct and up-to-date, you can always review and change it. If you wish to know on how to do it, please do not hesitate to email us at [email protected]

Notification of any changes to our privacy statement

If there are any changes or updates in our privacy policy, it is in our standard protocol to send you an email notification. We will also post a notice in our website so we highly recommend you to visit our page from time to time for the latest update on our privacy statement

If you have any questions or inquiries, feel free to contact us anytime.
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