BlueHost Review + $3.95/mo Special Link

Are you looking for an affordable host that can give you decent connection and reliability? There are so many web hosts out there to choose from and we are helping you with that process with this BlueHost review.No, we are not here to sell this particular host. We are here to help you view the pros and cons, which type of package suits what type of site and the specific perks that you can get from each company.

Each site has its own different needs so it is really up to you to see which one is the perfect (or nearly perfect) fit.

The Good Stuff title

The perks of choosing BlueHost as your host include:

bluehost the good stuff icons

Access to a free web site builder tool that is easy to use
Free domain with every account signed up
Unlimited email accounts and FTP transfers
Unlimited hosting space as well as monthly data traffic allocation
They are hosting more than a million domains

Apart from these, there are also: bluehost the good stuff icons2

No hidden fees
Easy and instant set up especially for those transferring files
Anytime money-back guarantee

You can see that they are trying to make this as easy as possible for both old and new customers. They also have reseller options for those who want to make a living out of hosting.

The Bad Stuff title

So with these good points, what are the things that you should be warned about?

bluehost bad stuff icons

No support for dedicated hosting services, especially if you want to upgrade
The free domain is good for only one year, not for life, so note this in your expectations
Based on actual customer reviews, their service and performance tends to bog down a bit, probably because of the sheer volume of subscribers and accounts.

There’s not bad stuff apart from that. Their pricing is quite cheap, though not the cheapest.

The Hosting Package title

bluhost hosting iconTheir price is very transparent – no ballooning after a couple of months! So this means that the $4.95 per month is really what it is – no hidden fees and surprise recurring billing attempts. Note that the $4.95 is an online promotion as of this writing and the regular price is pegged at $6.95 per month.

The Features and Specifications title

Expect the following features in your BlueHost package:

bluehost specs icons

Support for international domains
Email forwarding
Support for add-ons, parked and subdomains
SSH access
Web file manager
cPanel control panel

The Ease Of Use title

img51BlueHost is very easy to use even for those who are just starting their own hosting solutions or website. The tools and the support that the staff gives is quite extensive. One of our most favorite parts is the drag and drop site builder and its templates. This means that you can have your site up in just a few minutes.

The Customer Support title



Customer support is ok – not too great but not horrible, either. The live chat feature is very useful, at least you get feedback ASAP.

The Verdict title

img6Overall, this is a good package for those who are just starting out. They have good tools and a wide range of supported features for the experienced and the beginners.

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