InMotion Hosting Review (CNET Certified)

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Hosting Since 2001. CNET Certified.

If you want all the most popular features in one place, then you have come to the right hosting company.

InMotion is one of the few hosting companies that caters to an extremely wide range of customers – from the beginners to enterprise level customers.

What do we mean by enterprise? Am I an enterprise? Well, this means supporting hundreds of thousands of users in a site that needs to be rock solid, with extensive support for features.

homepage-carousel-business-boxCheck out what there is to know about InMotion so that you can decide if they fit your requirements and budget.

The Good Stuff title

First, let’s highlight the good stuff about InMotion. We would pick InMotion as our hosting provider because:

inmotion the good stuff icons

They have dedicated servers, shared hosting solutions and VPS hosting packages, too.
They support WordPress
They allow you to create your custom web pages with their tools
They have Amazon Product ads credit, on top of the usual Google, Yahoo and Bing credits
They give you free listing to the Yellow Pages

On top of that, they have a pretty solid reputation for having good and stable connection. Oh and they are also a green data center so this means, less guilt about polluting the environment.

The Bad Stuff title

To be honest, there’s not much bad stuff about InMotion. Their pricing is just right, not too cheap but not too expensive, either. Dedicated servers are reasonably priced at starting $199 per month and VPS solutions start at just under $40 per month.

iPage shopping bagBut if we are to get picky then we think the major drawback is that this is less of a small business type of company. If you are a newbie, their site itself appears to be less friendly compared to others like JustHost or iPage.

The Hosting Package title

They have different hosting packages so we’ll just try to give an overview of each type briefly.

inmotion hostingFor the dedicated servers, this really depends on the specifications of the hardware that you need for your service. Their servers are fully managed by them so you do not need to worry about doing your own thing completely on your own. You still have backup and technical support even if it is dedicated hosting.

Of course, VPS hosting means that you are naturally load-balanced across different servers and this may be cheaper for you, depending in the traffic and data that your site consumes.

The Features and Specifications title

For the features and specs, we will focus more on the business hosting package, which is to say, the mid-range of InMotion’s packages.

inmotion the specs icons1

Support for data backup on all levels of the package
Unlimited disk space and data traffic
99.9% uptime
Support for the three operating systems – Windows, Linux and Mac

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90-day money back guarantee
Support for spam filters
Multimedia support

The Ease Of Use title

img5At first glance, they may not be the easiest to use but the good thing about InMotion is that they have lots of options for everyone. Even on business class hosting, they have three packages for you at least. Same with the VPS hosting and dedicated servers. Then they also have WordPress hosting for those who want to concentrate on that.

Overall, not the easiest to use but once you get the hang of it, it is quite easy.

The Customer Support title

The Customer SupportInMotion has a huge customer support teambut we cannot say that they are at their best level. Probably due to the fact that they have a wide range of products, you cannot really say that everyone knows what they are talking about.

The Verdict title

The VerdictIf you want everything in one place, then you can go with InMotion. Lots of choices without having to move to different hosting providers.

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