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iPage is one of the most affordable web hosting packages that you can see online today. It is a shared hosting service geared towards startups or those wanting to have their own personal web space (apart from their Facebook page). Page also receives excellent feedbacks from its users and scores high ratings from thousands of customers. Its wide array of features include unlimited storage space, unlimited bandwidth, free domain name registration and transfer for the first year, one-click web applications installer, an integrated web server, and tons of scripts and other applications you can add on your site with just a few clicks.

iPage shopping bagWe’ve laid out what’s good and bad about iPage, how much their packaging costs and the inclusions in every package. Ultimately, it is your decision on what you need and want versus what you can afford, for your web hosting needs.

The Good Stuff title

What’s great about iPage? We’ve listed the major points below:


Offers you unlimited disk space and web storage for your site’s assets
Includes a free domain registration and a security suite included in every package availed
Gives you access to site building tools (for free) to help you create your site pronto
Powered by green and renewable energy so that your carbon foot print is a bit smaller
Offers an any-time money back guarantee. Not just 30 or 60 days but anytime.So this is a big come on for most. Just be sure that you agree to the terms and conditions of this feature.

Along with the good stuff, you need to know the bad stuff or the limitations of each package. It is never true that there are no cons to a story. There always is. And with iPage, we’ve listed some below.

The Bad Stuff title

The major bad thing about iPage is that this is not for everyone. It can be very limiting for those who need more powerful support, backup mechanisms or enterprise solutions.

iPage shopping bagiPage does NOT have a dedicated hosting package or anything beyond shared hosting. If you want to expand your business to that level, you really need to go elsewhere. They also do not have Windows support – their servers are using Linux as their operating system.

The Hosting Package title

Here are the details of every iPage hosting package:


Costs $2.25 per month for the initial term
Renewal rates are from $10.99 to $6.99 per month, depending on the length of contract
Includes a free security suite for your site
Also includes a QA staff and a 24/7 support team
Packages are paid for via credit cards and are on auto-renew unless specified

As with any other service, read the terms and conditions and their limitations at least twice, before signing up or giving out your billing information.

The Features and Specifications title

iPage shopping bagLearn more about iPage’s features and what they should mean to you in this section. One of the nicest things about iPage is that they have shopping cart support. This shopping cart also has PayPal integration so this is a good fit of those thinking of using their site as an e-commerce tool.


In terms of designing and building the site, you have a template builder to use, a blog setup wizard and a photo gallery set up tool so that you can have your site up within minutes.

The Ease Of Use title

img5No doubt about it, iPage is very easy to use. Sign up is quick and easy and it starts with the question of whether or not you have your own domain already. You won’t need their customer support at once since most of the information you need are already in their page for you to use.

The Customer Support title

The Customer SupportCustomer support is not the fastest – they do recognize your trouble tickets ASAP but the actual resolution of trouble tickets takes a bit of time. Best to send in two tickets -one via the toll free number and another one via email, just to be sure.

The Verdict title

The VerdictThis is a great package for those who are not too picky and want to start something as soon as possible. Their packages are very easy on the pocket and the features give you a lot more than what you would typically get at this rate.


  1. Laishram Bidyananda Singh November 4, 2014 at 5:36 pm - Reply

    GoDaddy is more better than iPage.. i purchase $1/month for 1 years from Godaddy. Godaddy Supports are too Awesome and i’ve also seen a lot ofbad review about iPage.

  2. Derek Lee October 21, 2014 at 7:08 am - Reply

    Thank you all so much for posting your real reviews here.

  3. Gribz October 1, 2014 at 3:24 pm - Reply

    I dont like it, I prefer to use senergyweb.com, it is faster and safer

  4. Karen Chun September 2, 2014 at 5:48 pm - Reply

    Do not buy ipage hosting. They cache the pages so if you make a change, it doesn’t show up. Their cache is too dumb to know you changed the page. You can disable this in WordPress but not in a static html page.

    The response time is like molasses. Customers will bypass your site because they’ll get impatient waiting for it to load.

    The back end interface is klutsy and unintuitive and makes you tear your hair out. (not cpanel, obviously)

  5. chris August 15, 2014 at 9:02 am - Reply

    Don’t use this company for hosting! They are in a thin line between the legal and the thieving. They deceive people by making very attractive advertising and spending a lot of money, writing reviews, and comparison websites….

    The truth is that it’s a horrible company, most of what they promise is not true: money back guarantee, american support staff… simply not true. No money back guarantee and the staff is indian!

    The servers are not up to date, they use all versions of most of the scripts… not compatible with many websites. The unlimited bandwith it’s a joke!

    I highly recommendo you not to use this company!

    Check one of their messges>
    As you have requested, your “xxxxx” account at iPage
    will be canceled immediately. Please note that your files will be
    deleted, and you will not be able to renew domains you registered
    with us. An early cancellation fee will be deducted from your refund.

    If you would like to continue to manage your domain(s) at
    iPage, we encourage you to contact us ASAP to change
    your account to a free “domain parking” acccount. Domain parking
    accounts don’t cost anything, but they allow you to continue to
    manage your domain(s), including renewals, even if you are no
    longer hosting your site at iPage.

  6. V MX March 27, 2014 at 4:47 am - Reply

    Got iPage hosting recently, kind of on impulse because there was this countdown timer thing (lol). As it turns out, that timer usually restarts at some point, so you’ll find it again even if you miss the super ‘steal’ that you think you might hate yourself for missing. Right now there’s a “76% off” promo, & I found 1 link that said $1/month. The dirt cheap low rates did get me ($30 for 1 year, free domain name, unlimited bandwidth, the works – with GoDaddy I paid slightly more for my other domain), mostly because that was coupled with some websites showing iPage as “#1″ in their list of top web hosts, or at least among their top 5 or top 10 hosting services. I thought it was worth a try. I’ve tried Bluehost & Gator, too, & I guess those were better, but they’re kind of expensive. So far I’m finding iPage to be just OK.

    What I’m ‘slightly’ unhappy with:
    – The server is Unix, so I had to switch from asp to php..didn’t remember options/mentions of Windows/Unix-based hosting. Good thing I know a bit of both.
    – The offers were slightly misleading & gimmicky. Most of them do this, but I still hate myself for taking the bait, lol. Apparently, a minimum purchase is required before availing of the Facebook/Google/Bing credits. Even the ‘free YP.com business listing’ turns out to be a page that doesn’t exist.

  7. Robert March 12, 2014 at 12:48 am - Reply

    Thanks so much for the true experience and sharing it. It seems you really do get what you pay for! Going back to go daddy!

  8. George February 27, 2014 at 6:35 pm - Reply

    The $1.99 per month is for 2 years contract. They don’t reveal this until at checkout during registration. Also, I have to wait for hours after uploading my website before it could really appear complete on the web. At may prior hosting service, the website appears on the web instantly after upload.
    But so far the tech support is good. I will never pay $6 to host any website

  9. Web Hosting Philippines February 21, 2014 at 2:18 pm - Reply

    And now we’re thinking of moving our large website clients our of iPage.

  10. Sreekumar Appunair February 16, 2014 at 9:27 pm - Reply

    On 19 Jan 2014 I have purchased iPage hosting plan for $1.89/month! (It was a quagmire for a Greedy like me!) And transferred my domain from Godaddy to iPage (As Godaddy priced little bit high). It snatched nearly 7 days to get the transfer in the bag!
    I have strived more than 2days to get my site up in consequence! and didn’t go through!! I have settled to pull my head back and reached customer service for cancellation of hosting and refund in the Cooling-Off period. One of the agent agreed to refund the payment within 10 working days and given me the freedom to keep my Domain with iPage for free of cost until it expires! And I would get full refund in 10 working days.
    15days later, with zero about the refund, I knocked customer service again wasting my One and half hours! Finally they said “Sorry for providing incorrect information earlier by our previous chat agent. I really apologize for it.” What to say? **** ***?
    The experience was really disappointed!! They were eating my brain literally!
    iPage claimed for the Ownership of my domain for refund of $14.40 USD hosting fee!!! Interesting? Go ahead if you want to lose your domain. Upon demand, I am happy to forward you the chat transcript I have with some of the agents of iPage, It will make you laugh. ( I think iPage is an Asian owned hosting provider) I indubitable, you will get mad while you chatting with an agent for support/refund!! Please don’t trust iPage advertisements flings thousands of pounds rather providing least possible service to customers!
    I am one of the victims!!
    Please don’t kill your Domain for couple of penny! Stay away from iPage.com Rubbish!!!!!

  11. Vicky January 19, 2014 at 5:17 am - Reply

    Thnks guyz I was goin to register ….u guyz saved my money

  12. Kristen January 2, 2014 at 8:51 pm - Reply

    Multiple scams associated with this hosting site. First, you get a free domain name. Great. I checked the availability of the name I wanted on whois and it was available. Started the sign up on ipage 1 minute later and it stated my requested domain was unavailable. Odd, but I just went back to whois and bought my domain there. I go back to ipage to sign up for $1/mo plan with my owned domain. I get through all the personal information, so far so good. I choose the $1/mo for 12 months and enter payment info. Low and behold the transaction is denied. Tried live chat for assistance twice and no response. Called customer service who said they had issues with the site and would assist me. Great! Back on track. He tells me my charge was something along the lines of $48.00. I was baffled since it should be $12.00. So he proceeds to tell me that the $1.00 a month plan is only if you pay 3 years in advance. I told him the website states $1/mo for 12 months and it will change to full price after the first year if you dont cancel. He said it was stated on the site, I disagreed, he angrily tells me he will do 3 years for $36.00, I declined since this all seemed fishy now. He tells me he will send an email to marketing to fix the info on the site. So ipage has false advertising and everything from saying the domain is unavailable so they dont have to pay that cost to declining your $1/mo transaction so you are forced to call them and get duped is all part of their plan. How many people do you think has the 12 month plan for $12? Not any. The woman above that left a comment to support them is probably paid to write good reviews for ipage. Most people leave a review if they had bad service or scammed so keep that in mind. Buyer beware. Spend the extra money for a reputable hosting site. Nothing is ever free.

  13. jennifer December 29, 2013 at 1:08 pm - Reply

    First of all, ipage is AMAZING! I have had AWESOME customer service, in fact they called me personally the day after I bought my website domain. They called to make sure I had no problems with the order and they assigned a young man in their tech support to me. I can call him to help me design my page, like ALL day. I knew nothing but this guy walked me through it all. You get 6 pages free….by free I mean you pay around 10 bucks for the site name and then 6 pages. Its takes the ipage site time and money to host you, and they provide SO much for you to build with that they must start charging after 6 pages. WordPress charges MORE for a domain name and then another 70 bucks to host so I dont understand why someone would complain that they get SIX full usage pages hosted FREE. The guy above, or chic, has anger issues. I have used several domain hosting sites in the past, but this one offers EXTENSIVE website building platforms, tools and services. Mine even has a built in SITE MAP and its made to work with Google webmaster tools so everything integrates perfectly. ipage offers the Weebly site building tool and their customer service is so awesome that in TEN minutes I had my sitemap, header codes and meta codes for Googlesearch inclusion! If customer service gets any better than that, I don’t know how. I freaking love this ipage host and i seriously recommend them…unless you have sociopathic anger issues like the jackhole above me. Wow.

  14. James December 24, 2013 at 9:22 pm - Reply

    iPage is a piece of Sh**t. The worst customer services and TONS of hidden charges. If you still want to go ahead, be prepared to pay $100 bucks extra and get delayed for months. Their free Weebly support is for 6 pages and if you have more than 6 pages, pay $50 extra per year. This in fact is not a support!! They just answer your question and if your questions are not addressable, they hang up!! The staff is also not well trained and customer handling is humiliating!!!!

    Good luck iPage customers.

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