Why SEO?

Starting up a website is as easy as 1-2-3. What’s more challenging is getting the traffic in. Thousands of websites are being launched every month, catering to millions and millions of internet users. That is why like you, most owners of websites chase all opportunities they can get to –

  • Get free, targeted traffic from Google/Bing
  • Convert that traffic into leads and sales
  • Grow the website’s popularity and social engagement
  • …and SUSTAIN that growth over the next 2-5 years and beyond.

Now wouldn’t you want ALL those far-fetched ideas to be what your website can be and do? Every website seeks sustainable and high-yielding attention, and as someone who has had experience with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) over the past 9 years, I can tell you that those ARE attainable if your website is capable of the following –

  • Good on-page optimization (this is usually easy if you use WordPress with a well-optimized theme. If that went over your head – don’t worry, I can guide you through it.) ß I would suggest to remove this. If you give the readers the solution (which is to get “WordPress with a well optimized theme”, then don’t you think that defeats the purpose of your services?)
  • Real-time social signals from G+, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Strong and continuous flow of quality, relevant (mostly editorial) links pointing to your website.

Most owners would hire SEO firms that charge a whopping USD 500-2000/month, only to receive work that do not even yield the above results, and as well as random site metrics that are taken from automated programs. Surely, your 2-grand does is not worth the subpar output. I have been on my own working extensively on SEO and online marketing for my websites, and it’s about time I share with budding websites like yours the affordable, efficient services they deserve.

Website Review and SEO Audit Package

WebHostingJam offers top-notch, comprehensive services targeted at growing sites, as well as small to big authority sites with lots of traffic. Contact me (How?) to reserve your Website Review and SEO Audit services, and we will send you a custom-tailored blueprint you can follow – the exact steps I’d take to succeed if your site was my own. Simple yet comprehensive, detailed, no-nonsense, affordable – only here at WebHostingJam.