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Hello, and welcome to WEBHOSTINGJAM. The following terms and conditions stated under will serve as your complete guide as you fully make use of our website. It is essential that we highly encourage you to read and comprehend these Terms of Use carefully as to avoid any problems or issues. The services and products offered by WEBHOSTINGJAM will state in your agreement to be legally bound by our Terms of Use.

By using and browsing through WEBHOSTINGJAM, you automatically agree that you have already read and understand all the given conditions set forth in these Terms of Use. If you have any disagreements, complains or any violent issues with the following terms and conditions below, we highly recommend you to please refrain from using any of our “Services”.

We also have the right, at our own judgment, to change and alter the terms and conditions anytime we need to do so by posting a new version in our website. By visiting and accessing our services regularly, you automatically consent to be bound legally by the new version of our Terms of Use.

Licenses, Representations, and Warranties

Our licenses, representations, and warranties are very important and crucial to our company. For this reason, we already assume that the following conditions are true for our every visitor and for our subscribers:

  • That you should be of legal age to be able to have a contract when it comes to using our Services and that you must not be prohibited from utilizing our Services by the laws from where you access it.
  • That you are fully in cordial to use WEBHOSTINGJAM and its Services for lawful purposes only and not for any crime, theft or any wrongdoings.
  • That you agree not to make our Services available for any commercial use.
  • That you agree not to give any information obtained from WEBHOSTINGJAM to any third party websites.
  • That you comply not to change or get the source code or any method of operations offered by our website, or even let any third party to do so.
  • That you justify that you have the right to enter this legal contract, and if you are accepting this for another company, you must bind the company to be in accord to these Terms of Use.
  • That you justify that you have the authority to exercise your responsibilities according to these terms and conditions legally.

Ownership, copyrights, and trademarks

We would like to affirm that our company owns all the contents, information, data, and items found in WEBHOSTINGJAM. However, we would like to state the following conditions:

  • That we have the rights for all the titles and any materials in our Services
  • That we own our name and logo. As it serves our trademarks, no authority will be given to you to utilize it.
  • That some of contents and the graphics used in our site may be owned by another third party company. For this case, the copyrights are available to the said third party only.

Linked websites

With linked websites available in WEBHOSTINGJAM, we would like to reiterate that we are not responsible for such as they are already outside of our liability and jurisdiction. If there are linked websites in our pages, we would like you to know that these links are used for information only. We would also like to state the following things:

  • Inclusion of third party links does not imply that we promote or advertise their company. As it had been explained earlier, we will not be liable for any consequences that you may incur as you explore these third party links.
  • Inclusion of third party links is contained in our Services. However, it is used for your conveniences or for your references only.
  • Any deals or agreements that you do with these external sites are all under your accountability. You cannot use us or put any allegations to our company for any outcome that may happen as you go through these third party websites.

Liabilities and Warranties

  • Our company does not warrant the appropriateness or the correctness of the content and information provided on WEBHOSTINGJAM. Everything is considered as it is.
  • Our company renounces any service contract in respect to the content and services in WEBHOSTINGJAM. This includes fitness for a certain purpose, conditions of merchantability, and non-infringement.
  • Our company will not be accountable for the products or services that you have purchased in connection with our Services.
  • Our company does not advertise or promote any products or services rendered by our company partners.
  • Our company (affiliates, employees, licensors, agents, and other related entities) are not accountable for the accuracy and the reliability of our contents and our services. We also do not promise full security, error-free, and uninterrupted services all the time. We also do not promise that the website will be free of spam or malwares. We also do not assure that your personal details will be kept in full confidentiality (depending only on what has been stated in the privacy statement). We would like you to acknowledge that you are at your own risk as you make use of WEBHOSTINGJAM.
  • Our company and its employees, partners, and representatives are not liable for any damages whether it is direct, special or consequential.
  • Our company’s maximum liability does not surpass the sum that you have paid for the utilization of our offered Services.


After reading these Terms of Use carefully, you are now accepting that you will indemnify and protect WEBHOSTINGJAM and our employees, affiliations, and partners from any losses, liabilities, damages, and expenses for all the outcome or result that may occur in the present or in the future arising out of your inappropriate use or violation to our conditions.

Privacy Policy

If you are interested to read our terms on our privacy statements (on which we highly recommend you to do so), it is located in our website under the name of Privacy Policy. It is considered as a part of this agreement and it is incorporated here for references.

General Provisions

There are no exceptions to all the terms and conditions. It is important to take note of the following:

  • That you accept this contract, all its rules and terms, as it is.
  • That you accept that this agreement is entire and complete between your side and our Services.
  • That it will supersede all prior agreements, whether it is oral or written, as respect to the subject matter proposed in this document.
  • That you and WEBHOSTINGJAM are all in cordiality to accept that this contract or any disputes that may happen shall be directed under the laws of the State of Delaware, that no laws from a different state shall be applied.

For more details and inquiries

We understand that you may have some inquiries regarding these terms and conditions. If you have anything that you wish to address us, you can always send an e-mail to [email protected] And if you want to talk about these things directly over the phone, you can also call us at (615) 461-5932