The First Hand Set of Ubuntu – Aquaris E4.5

The First Hand Set of Ubuntu – Aquaris E4.5

It has been a year since Ubuntu attempted to launch and release Ubuntu Touch last September 2014. After so many delays, Ubuntu has finally decided to put the Ubuntu phone out in the market. With the new Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu edition being available in across Europe next week, people should watch out for a bunch of flash sales. Priced at 169.90 euros, you should be totally aware why there are a lot of people waiting for its release.


Since Ubuntu is one of the most popular desktop Operating Systems, releasing a mobile handset will allow the users to have better convergence with their mobile and PC devices. Once you plug the phone into a keyboard and a monitor, you can conveniently use it as your very own Ubuntu desktop.

Having dual SIM card slots will definitely make things convenient for users. Since it the SIM slots are unlocked, the users have the freedom to subscribe to a new network and at the same time continue using the old one. Moreover, it has and expandable 8GB internal storage that will perfectly take care of your file storages. Do not hesitate with taking selfies because Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu edition has a 5-megapixel front camera and a better rear camera with 8-megapixel camera, dual flash and auto focus which will surely have you confident that you will be taking the best qualities of photos. It would look do sleek with its black over-all color and a 4.5-inch screen. Lastly, it has 1.9GHz MediaTek quad-core Cortex A7 processor running along 1GB of RAM which will surely provide smooth transition from one process to the other without making your mobile device run slow.

Since this is a fresh idea, the phone would usually start with a tutorial on how to use the mobile hand set. Edge navigation is one of Ubuntu’s first designs that make the users use the mobile hand set effortlessly. Because of edge navigation, there is no need for soft and hard buttons. Everything is laid out in the edge navigation. However, three required buttons are present – namely, the Power Button which also serves as the lock and unlock button for the device, and the Up and Down Button for its volume adjustment. For the four sides and edges, it allows the users to access different setting and pages when they try to swipe on it. If you swipe on the left, this will allow you to run, and pin and unpin applications for your perusal. The bottom edge will allow you to access the page for settings. A swipe from the bottom will give you access to settings that will allow you to modify every scopes that you intend to edit and alter. Lastly, the top right edge will direct you to the page of quick access indicators that usually contain information about your mobile hand set – like battery status, and 3G and Wifi

Moreover, another feature of Ubuntu’s mobile hand set is its lock screen includes an innovative idea and design. Presented with an animated design, a circle at the center of the screen that allows it user to have an overview or visualization of all the activities being done in the previous 24 hours. It shows your recent status different notifications from your service providers – e.g. you can see notifications of your recent missed calls, unread mails or SMS, missed calls or dialed numbers, and even the number of photos taken or number of songs and videos played for that day. It somehow serves as an activity tracker for you and your phone. For security purposes, you can also assign a password for unlocking your phone. This way you can be sure that your personal stud is being well protected in your phone. You just have to swipe either to the right or the left in order to unlock and input your password in your Ubuntu mobile hand set.

This mobile device would like to introduce a fresh and new concept of Scopes. Scopes provide the most convenient way of presentation and organization of your most important digital services. This includes Scopes for Files, Scopes that will allow you to make calls and other important functions and processes that most people do on their mobile phones. Scopes are automatically seen and set in the home screen of the device for easier access.

The industry is opting that Scopes may replace or at least compete with famous Android Apps by Google. According to Christian Parrino, VP Mobile at Canonical, it will be easier and simpler for developers to create mobile experiences via Scopes than that of Apps. Scopes provide lower and cheaper development and maintenance costs compared to the usual apps. Since it is easy to create new Scopes with easy to use UI toolkit, you can rest assured that every kind of content will be possible to be presented via Scopes.

By introducing Scopes to the users, Ubuntu has created a new layout. In this new layout, they got rid of the traditional and common grid style that people normally see in smart phones. Scopes are arranged in a type-specific screens. This means that there is a different screen based on different common content or media that is present in normal smart phones. These themed cards are usually automatically grouped based on common contents and common mobile phone services. Different examples would be the different social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. However, they have a little problem with WhatsApp. Instead, Ubuntu handset have the Telegram messaging service encrypted. For everyone’s information, this swipe-based screens used by Ubuntu is a reminiscent by Google Now’s personal assistant.

To start with, Ubuntu’s home screen is called Today scope. This screen will show the most recent widgets that the user used. This will provide more convenience for the users since the scope already knows what widgets you usually use and try to compile and collect them in just one screen. This means that there will be less swiping and searching involve. This will surely minimize the time used for searching those apps in your new mobile handset. Ubuntu also gives its users the freedom to configure the scopes. Furthermore, adding preferred services in your scope is also allowed. You can totally add whatever you want to – from weather, to news and even your recent interaction with your contact list. Each scope would try to combine all related widgets that is connected to it. For music scope, it would contain a different variety of music related providers like SoundCloud, hat will allow you to listen or stream music. Video Scope, will definitely give you YouTube, that’s for sure. For Photo Scope, this will collect photos from different sources – which includes your own phone and other websites that will allow you to have access to some of its photos, like Facebook or Flicker. Nearby Scope will be providing you information about nearby places, like the nearest restaurant from your location, your friend’s recent location, and also traffic and public transport conditions. Moreover, they also allow having programs from different companies and this will be organized in you Apps Scope. Apps Scope will include you camera, calendar and software programs.

The new Aquaris E4.5 is equipped with RSS reader which will allow the user to edit and modify your feeds. Offline reading is also possible for Aquaris E4.5. After downloading the feed content, you can save it for offline reading later. You can also mark a feed as your favorite and this will allow you to find the bookmark easier since it will save the feed in your database. Plus, the mobile hand set can let you choose between the list and grid view – whichever is more preferable to the user.

The Ubuntu handset can read apps written in the HTML5 web programming language which means that it supports the latest multimedia files. Moreover, it also has its own native QML code that will allow easier creation of different mobile applications focusing on touch input, animations and interaction between the device and the users.

ubuntoAs a Linux product, Ubuntu mobile hand set will never be complete without its Terminal. Aquaris E4.5 is also expected to have its own native Terminal App which will allow the users to perform different operations all at once. This app will also allow the users to edit different keys which will make user interface more interesting and eye-catchy, as well as other keys that will allow you to copy and paste, and so on. Focusing on the visual appeal of your mobile hand set layout, you can also change and modify the entire look of it by editing the color schemes and font sizes.

Given the different advantages of Scopes, the hardware performance for this new Ubuntu mobile hand set is also shows a lot of potential. If you are always on the go, you would probably be have your 3G connection turned on for the entire day. Good news for the people who are always mobile! Aquaris E4.5 surely has a highly functional connectivity to 3G and WiFi networks. WiFi work perfectly like any other smart phones. Moreover, for phone calls and messages, it displays your recent notifications in the notification panel. For your messages, it is arranged or organized in a thread manner which makes it easier for the user to manage individual conversations with anyone in your contact list. Plus, it also has an auto message sender whenever you decline a call. This feature is, of course, dependent whether or not the user would like to send a call-you-back-later message. For file managing, the Ubuntu mobile hand opted to have a very simplistic design that does not involve any complicated processes. It focuses on the basic functions like creating a new folder, hiding some file folders, and to change the arrangement of your files and folders.

For the past few years, Canonical has been working with BQ and Meizu, both international manufacturers. Instead of putting it all out in the open, the manufacturing companies decided to do a series of flash sales instead. This means that Aquaris E4.5 will be for a limited amount of time. Flash Sales will be the perfect strategy for developers to respond to feedback and at the same time stir curiosity and fascination among non-users. This is a very crucial step that developers were taking in consideration before launching or committing to a wider consumer market.

They say that “early adopters” are the target market for our first Ubuntu mobile handset. They are the expected advocates for this product. They plan to launch the product in areas where there are existing BQ and Ubuntu bases. After focusing on these target areas, they plan to expand their consumer market. Christian Parrino wanted to make sure that the first users of Ubuntu mobile devices are the right people to receive the products. Because of this goal, they realize that they may be miles away from the High Street but they are hopeful that Aquaris E4.5 can survive the cruel and critical market of the information age.

It is established that there are, indeed, millions of users of Ubuntu, may it be for professional, educational, official and personal use. At first, users will be expected to be curious about how this new released phone functions and will enjoy the thought of exclusivity. Since the supply is limited, you will sure feel unique for having a phone that is different from the others.

BQ’s vision for the new Ubuntu’s handset is surely promising. However, there were a few issues that were foreseen in order to achieve their goals. One thing that was an issue in this mobile device is that it used to be run by Android OS. Therefore they have to go through remove Android in these devices in order to be able to replace it with Ubuntu OS. This becomes a very big problem for mass production of Aquaris E4.5 since there is no stable back up from the industry. Therefore, they really need to study the patterns in their supply and demand ratio.

Whether or not this launching will be successful is a total question. The problem with today’s market is it changes from time to time. People’s needs change all the time. One day the prefer vanilla on the other they will prefer chocolate. Anyway, the most important thing is that we keep on creating new technology and innovating the old ones in order to supply the needs of everyone.

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