Useful Tips on How to Optimize your Google Plus Account

Useful Tips on How to Optimize your Google Plus Account

Google Authorship has been one of the most famous features of Google Plus and a lot of people have been dying to get to use it. However, Google decided to delete the said application which resulted to a massive disappointment form the users.  Because of this, a lot of Google Plus users are planning to drop out from their accounts.

Other users find Google Plus less appealing compared to other social networking websites. However, even though the feature was removed, Google assured the users that even though the feature was removed, it is not a valid reason to stop posting and stop gaining followers.

Google is known to be the most commonly used and probably known as the most powerful search engine in the World Wide Web. Registering and using one of its products somehow gives you bonuses and perks when it comes to advantages. It’s just a matter of making allies with the powerful forces. Therefore, even though Google Authorship is gone, optimizing your Google Plus account will still do wonders to your social media endeavours.

Why is your Google Plus Profile Important?


Other people would find it uncomfortable and inconvenient to input all information about yourself in their Google Plus account. They would think that it is a total waste of time to provide answers to all the blank spaces that needs to be filled in order to have a more interesting and readable profile. Only a few of them know that having a fully accomplished and well-answered profile will provide more benefits than those that are not.

Google Plus is proud to say that they work very differently compared to other social networking sites. They offer a different environment or atmosphere to their users. Comparing to the atmosphere given by Facebook or Twitter, the two latter social networking sites draw more focus on the social interaction between users. As for Google Plus, although it may be growing into a huge network, people still prefer the unique platform that it offers.

Since Google Plus is totally different from other social media platforms, users still need to familiarize themselves to its unique interface. Thus, people work a little differently in Google Plus. For example:

A user posted his or her own article in his or her blog site, or posted a comment in other people’s blog. Once other people click on our G+ Profile page, they will be able to read tons of information about you.

While checking your profile, they are greeted with a blue-grey silhouette of a person as your avatar. As they move further to the About Section of your G+ profile, they are again faced with absolutely nothing except for a simple that you are a male (or a female) – nothing follows. No information of who you are, where to contact you, what capabilities you possess, what background or experiences do you have.

In this case, if you are trying to protect yourself from identity thieves, that is totally understandable. However, if by chance, the reader who wanted to know more about you is a prospective client or someone who will be influential or beneficial to your venture, then it would be a total disaster and a major missed opportunity. They would not have any idea how to contact or get in touch with you.

A profile has its purpose. If you spend time to upload your daily happening in Instagram, and fit emotions in that 140-character limited tweet on Twitter, why not give time to optimize your G+ Profile Page. It will act like your portfolio which can serve handy and useful to your future readers, visitors or even future clients or investors. But behold, the process may take up a little of your time and attention.

Tweak and Optimize Your Google Plus Profile

Let go of that blue-grey faceless silhouette that you have been using for the past decade. It’s about time that you upload one of your best and decent photos as your profile picture and cover photo. After all, people will always prefer a sweet and warm smile over a cold and unknown faceless person.

By posting your photo, people will instantly react well to your profile. People love to visualize faces. They would love to imagine the face of a person that they are interested in getting to know with. Same goes for your profile. People will always look for your photo in order to picture your physical appearance and imagine who they are speaking with across that four-sided monitor. This somehow contributes in building trust with the relationships or connections you make over the internet.

For your Google Plus profile, there are two areas wherein you can upload photos. One is designated for your profile picture and the other one is designated for your cover photo. You should also give equal importance to your cover photo as much as you give importance to your profile picture. This images uploaded as your cover photo will give your readers or visitors a glimpse about your personality. This again, will make it easier for your visitors to trust you and feel more comfortable to connect with you.

Never hurry to put something up just for the sake of having a profile picture and a cover photo. Do spend some time, effort and style in looking for the most appropriate and most fitting profile picture and cover photo to upload and display. Both photos will influence the entirety of your profile since it is the most obvious part of your Google Plus profile page.

Introduce Yourself in Google Plus’ About Section

Finally being able to decide on which photo to upload as your profile picture and choosing another one as your cover photo, let’s focus on improving your About Section. This part of your profile will let your visitor know about your basic personal information, contact information, who you are connected in your circles with, an overview of yourself, what communities are you part with, previous experiences with your occupation, as well as notable skills, educational attainment, links and even places you visited and currently living in.

For starters, you should focus on the tab which says “Story.” Under the Story tab is where you are asked to input something on the Tagline, Introduction and Bragging Rights. Focus on the first two options which are the Tagline and Introduction. You can just add some details on the Bragging Rights area once you are done with the more important fields.

“Open Happiness” is a very familiar tagline by a very popular bottle distillery company. Coca Cola Company has used this tag line since 2009. Whenever people read this tagline in posters or watch and hear them in radio and TV commercials, they would automatically incorporate it to Coca Cola products. Now, this will give you the same purpose to the tag line written in your Google Plus Profile. Your tagline will serve as a meta description. Just like any other meta descriptions, this will provide a preview snippet of yourself whenever you try to search for your profile in search engines. If your viewer or potential client also has a Google Plus account, then he or she will also be able to view your photo in the search results.

In creating your Tagline, you can pretend to be a highly professional and cultured human being or you could also pitch in some of your humour that everybody adores. This will also add interest onto your profile page. You can go from a serious aspiring novelist into a cheerful traveller who is also a blogger – your choice. Just make sure that you are comfortable with your tagline and you do not regret a single part of it.

So you have your tag line as your initial self-advertisement, this time, you can now focus on your introduction. Do not worry about being too wordy with your introduction. If you want to go 6-feet deep with your introduction, the do it. Just make sure that what you are writing in your introduction will benefit you with what you want to portray to your readers and visitors. However, if you rather want to keep it short and simple, then by all means, do it. Just make sure that it will not be too short and will just give enough length for you to get to talk about yourself.

If you are having a writer’s block. You can always start by writing about what you do in a day-to-day basis. You could even talk about what activities you like to do that will go coherently on why you love to blog and what makes your life interesting and what makes you a good person. It is totally okay if you are not, at least you want to project a little goodness in yourself for the entire world to possibly read about you. The important thing is you use a tone that will best suit and showcase your personality. Just like in your tag line, if you want to appear serious, feel free to use those technical and jargon words that you comfortably love to use regularly. However, if you want to appear humorous and funny, then feel free to quote your favourite joke and hope that your readers and viewers will have the same level of humour as you do and get your drift.

Now that we are done with the Story section, we move forward to the section written below it which is the Work Section. This part of your profile will help you showcase your current or previous occupation, and other related and relevant employment. This section is very important because this portion also shows up in search engine result pages. To be more specific, the Employment section shows up in the search engine result pages whenever you want to search for a profile. Therefore, you should consider this part as if you are creating a resume for your profile.

In completing the information needed in this section, you will be asked for the name of the company have previously or currently worked for, your position in the company, the time you have stayed in the company, and lastly, your job description. However, do yourself a favour and exclude that one time when you have to babysit your neighbor’s children that one summer because you were in need of cash or you simply have nothing else to do. Always make sure that the job title you input is related and relevant to your online business efforts.

Moving on, let’s add some useful information in your skills field. Again, RELEVANCE is the keyword here. Make sure that the skills you input will be relevant to the list of occupation and work experiences you mentioned above. If you posted that you are a blogger, make a list of skills that will support how good of a blogger you are.

Another important and vital portion in your About Section is the Links. Make sure that you add links that will show your readers and visitors how to reach you or your works in other social media profiles. This will give you a chance to promote you, as well as your page or website. Since you have proof of your work and craft, it is up to your future client to critique you based on your links. Adding contributor links as you can will give you a good leverage in advertising yourself as a blogger or as a writer.

Lastly, how would your readers or visitors, and prospective future clients contact you? I cannot emphasize more how imperative this portion is. This portion is the key for your future. This will allow you to make connections to your future clients. Although, you can leave this section blank, why would you do that? Always bear in mind that not all people can stay online 24/7 and not all people would love to communicate via cold-lettered text messages in email. So you can input your contact number in this area, just make sure you use your professional number and not the personal one. Lastly, do not hesitate to include your email address for the reason that this is considered to be the most convenient means to contact each other.

Definitely, creating an interesting and updated profile is not an easy task. It requires a lot of thinking, a lot of decision making that is as hard as your life decisions, and a lot of time. However, you will find it totally beneficial once you see the result of optimizing your Google Plus account.

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