Website Design: The Smarter Web Company Review

Website Design: The Smarter Web Company Review
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The Smarter Web Company (SWC) offers great value for your money by developing websites at affordable prices, with first-class service. This UK-based company helps by delivering quality web design and assists with key online strategies like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), online marketing, content management solutions, social media strategies and pay-per-click, among others.

The company caters to small-medium enterprises, entrepreneurs, private companies, corporations, as well as non-profit organizations.

Available Services

Professional Web Design

A professionally designed website would normally cost between £1,000 and £3,000. But with SWC, you can pay as low as £899.99 by helping you develop a new system with a more efficient process.

Your website can have any number of pages and will be managed by a user-friendly content management system (CMS); along with the entire SWC team who will help you both before and after your site goes live.

Ecommerce Web Design

 SWC’s service can also be used to create your own ecommerce website, with all the components you need within an online shop. Complimented with a much more efficient process, the company can offer professional ecommerce websites for as low as £1,199.99.

Just sign up, complete a design questionnaire, and the SWC team will produce an individual design for your website. From the information collected from the questionnaire, the team will be able to know what you are planning to sell online and will immediately develop a design concept for you to evaluate. If the concept suits your preference, SWC will then build your website. Once built, you can easily add and remove products as often as you wish, thanks to the fully functional CMS.

Lite Web Design

For smaller businesses that require only a small number of pages and do not require some of the advanced features of the pro and ecommerce packages, SWC offers a website solution that is just right for the business. For just £499.99, you can have a professionally designed website of up to 8 pages, along with 5 business e-mail addresses, a contact form, social media links and an image gallery. This is definitely a great way to start your online business venture.

How It Works

To avail SWC’s services, you need to sign up and complete a design questionnaire which will allow one of SWC’s web designers to produce a unique design that will suit your preferences. This will be e-mailed to you and when you are happy with a design, the team will immediately build your website and work their magic. Once built, you can easily log-in and edit your site anytime and then the site can go live. It’s that simple!


Other Services Offered

Mobile Web Design

Most of today’s web design companies build websites that work properly on all modern browsers. But how effective can your site be on smaller screens like on mobile phones and tablets?

A professional, fully content managed mobile website can be a little pricey, especially for smaller businesses. Thankfully, SWC offers a mobile version of their service to enable businesses to profit from the ever growing pattern of people accessing websites on mobile devices. With SWC, you’ll have a mobile site that is branded to your individual preferences. It will be linked to your website product database and can include a map and contact forms.

If you have your website with SWC, setting up a mobile website can cost as low as £179.99. If you only want a mobile website, setup can cost £359.99.

Search Engine Optimization Services

SWC has put together a bespoke SEO package that will help your website rank better in major search engines like Google, for agreed keyword phrases. To do this, the company embarks on various activities every month to try and help your website rank higher on search engines compared to other sites competing for the same keyword phrases.

However, due to ongoing work required for SEO, SWC makes a monthly charge related to the keywords that their clients want them to target. While this package is an optional extra, in our opinion it is an economical form of marketing that any business can undertake and therefore should be taken into consideration by companies and entrepreneurs who want to become successful in their online business ventures.

SWC provides various SEO packages. Depending on the number of keyword phrases, backlinks and rich content links, prices can range between £74.99 and £499.99 (including VAT).  Check out SWC’s official website to know more about their SEO packages.

Premier Web Design

For those looking for larger websites and more ongoing marketing support, SWC offers premier web design service. With this, the team will create a custom-built, individually designed website for your business; with the website fully content managed so that you can update it as often as you wish once it goes live.

The SWC team guarantees that the web design will be exactly as you require. If you are still not content with their design concept, they offer unlimited redesigns until they produce one that you are happy with.

To ensure that your website is kept up-to-date, SWC will work on your site every month to add content and optimize it for agreed keyword phrases.

By choosing the premier package, you can enjoy unlimited pages, up to 10 different design layouts for your site, SEO for up to 10 keyword phrases, a dedicated account manager to look after you, an available ecommerce option, a mobile-friendly adaptive design, and free redesign every 18 months to keep your site current.


Looking for a reliable web design company can be pretty tough. But if you want creativity, flexibility, reliability and fast response in one solid package, the Smarter Web Company is the only partner you’ll ever need.

SWC takes a creative, profitable and analytical approach to all their services. The company constantly aims to create fresh and unique design concepts to their clients, while at the same time focusing on return on their investment. The entire SWC team is great to work with; responding almost immediately to inquiries and making things more personal and easier to get grips with. The CMS, although not for total beginners, is easy to learn and intuitive to use.

The Smarter Web Company is a one-stop-shop for all your online business needs. We couldn’t recommend them more!

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  1. Anita December 12, 2013 at 5:46 pm - Reply

    Can I just ask what CMS their sites are designed with??

    I have worked with an other Website Design Company before and the designs were really good, but they used WordPress CMS.

    I’m not the most technically minded and found some of its features a little bit advanced for myself.

    I have just tried the new Wix and found that a lot simpler to get my head around…

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